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Andy tried to wake me before he left for his last day at work but I was resistant to all prods and pokes. Eventually I woke up around 11am after 10 hours good sleep. I just spent the day in bed, enjoying not having to be up early, packing, checking out and catching buses. Andy's flatmates came home around 6pmish and I introduced myself and chatted with Andy's cousin Luke who I have met before in UK. Luke had planned to go to the pub that night and when Andy stayed on with a friend Luke offered to take me. I assumed it would be like an English pub and so did not bother to dress up, so I was somewhat embarrassed to be taken to a bar/club where his friends were dressed in their best Paris Hilton dresses while I danced around in summer skirt and flip flops! We went to The Carpark, so called because it sits opposite one, which is essentially a meat-market. We then popped across the road to Fox's, a sports bar that thronged with people dancing to more mainstream chart music, and then along to Bungalow 8, a sexily lit, groovy space with good house music. I still found it a little affronting, since these places seem predominantly subscribed to by young 20 and 30 somethings trying to get laid, but had a good time nonetheless dancing.

Since Andy came down with a cold I chatted mostly with Luke who has been excellent at instructing me in the social etiquettes and peculiarities of Kiwis. He tells me that Kiwi men don't really take care of themselves in terms of appearance and that since Kiwi girls far outnumber Kiwi boys that boys can afford to be lackadaisical. Apparently Kiwi people are quite quiet and reserved and take a long time to open up. Luke attended university here and it wasn't until he left and started working that he made Kiwi friends, as foreign students stuck together through necessity of not finding Kiwi people approachable. He says they are loud, in their way, but that you should be careful with them as they find brashness and indiscretion crude, and that standing out in any way, even professionally, is not considered a very positive trait in NZ. They tend to prefer Brisbane rather than Sydney, as Sydney is too bustling for them, and London comparative chaos. Christchurch people are friendliest, Auckland people are most snobby. It will be interesting for me to see how much of these stereotypes I encounter or whether I experience Kiwi people differently.

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photo by: Fulla