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I woke at about 6am and lay reading and dozing until people started rowsing, packing and getting breakfast. One of the girls we'd been chatting to the previous night walked in on a deep and meaningful and before we knew it we'd picked up where we'd left off the night before. Janin is a Sydney-sider ex-primary school teacher who has upped sticks and with her life packed into her car left her star-crossed-lover of 2 years. She has bravely walked away from her job and friends and with $800 dollars left and no job prospects up the east coast has been deliberating over where she should go to escape and whether to risk destitution further north. We had warmed to her the night before and had already decided to introduce George and Janin in the hope that as aliens in Brisbane they might strike a common chord and befriend each other. So with this in mind we invited Janin over to George's where we were moving to that day and so we packed everything into her car and set off to Greenslopes.

The road to Greenslopes should have been an easy route. 6km from the city, on a long straight road. After 20 minutes curving all over the place and no signposts we stopped off at a shop and asked for directions. Armed with a printed map (go to the bike shop in Morningside! lovely guy!) we set off on another '6km' drive. Australian distances are a bit warped, like a Cornish mile. Sometimes maps make it look like a walk-able distance and the drive takes 15 minutes, other times the road looks long and you almost miss the turning because you thought it would take 10 mins longer. So after some more wrong turns, u-turns, turning round of maps, we finally got on the sign-posted trail to the hospital. But when we were unsure of which road to take when it split we guessed right....onto the road leading onto the freeway! We'd been so close! And then diverted and deposited 10 minutes away when we had to start all over again....

At the hospital we picked up George's flat keys and moved all our stuff in for the weekend before walking down to the local mall for lunch. 4 minutes from the house, I was attacked by a bird for the second time since I've been here! Janin immediatley instructed us to put our hands over our heads, and explained that during breeding season the birds attack people if they are protecting their young. I am not keen on birds at the best of times, and I always suspected they could smell my fear - why me?!

We had a bit of lunch down town, then I walked back to the flat to let George in after work, and before I had thought to remember the bird attacked me again! I put our shopping on my head and ran like mad, until realising I'd run right past the house in my panic. We suspect it is my hairclips they are taking umbrage with....

That evening we got a chinese and had a natter over a 'goon' of wine (4 litre box like Stowe and Chelsea) until late and then Megs and I settled into the sofas for the night.

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photo by: Mezmerized