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A glass as big as Zoe's FACE

3.30am start this morning to catch our flight after a frustrating few hours kip. I struggled to fall asleep with the light on at 11.30pm, and then was woken by some bloke in the hostel turning the lights on to change into pyjamas at 1.30am when he had a perfectly good torch. Ah, the trials and tribulations of traveling - inconsiderate bed-fellows! I was so incensed I couldn't sleep again for a while, especially as he coughed gently for about 20 minutes and I lost my ear plugs in the sheets...

Arriving back in Melbourne at 7.30am we took the tram back to Ant's, but recieved no response from knocking. No matter, we crashed onto the outside lounge sofas until a sleepy-headed Ant found us. We had a lot of catching up to do internet-wise, with flights to move, visas to sort, emails to check etc and it was through this that I discovered the shocking news that I have no money left. I have some savings that I had requested be transferred 5 days ago but after some calls it appears they won't relinquish the funds until I can prove with a cheque the account to deposit in is mine. Via an English cheque book sitting in my bedroom at home. Brilliant. So I'm broke. This is a scary thought as I sit on the other side of the world from home. Still, matters are in hand, but I'm understandably a bit freaked out.

We had planned to go down to Little Italy to satisfy two cravings Zoe and I had. Mine for Saltimbocca (my favourite meal), and hers for Spag Bol (her favourite meal). So we threw caution to the wind and went anyway, as my last treat before total and extended pauperdom. After an exhaustive check of all the Italian restaurants we finally settled on one called Stuzzichino which had happy hour on wine, alcoholic milkshakes and well-priced but authentic saltimbocca with sage and proscuitto. Although I was at first anxious and stressed, our delightful waitress (looking so much like a friend of mine I was moved to find out if they were sisters), two glasses of wine, Baileys with milk, and some of the best saltimbocca I've ever had, my mood had lifted considerably, and I was glad we'd come out. Zoe paid for the drinks to cheer me up and after two giant slices of chocolate cake at a second restaurant (also to satisfy a long-held craving), we rolled back to the house happy and laughing.

Now it's bread and water for me!

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A glass as big as Zoes FACE
A glass as big as Zoe's FACE
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My friend Zoe and I had food cravings for our favourite meals: hers for Spaghetti Bolognese, mine for Saltimbocca. I was a bit strapped for cash so we… read entire review
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