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Esa and I

On the last day I woke before everybody else after a terrible night's sleep on the hard ground. The chronic back ache I suffer has been at a level I can cope with thus far on the trip but 2 nights on the ground with no support, coupled with an agonising ache in my left arm from canoeing meant I slept only in 2 hours bursts before finally giving up on sleep at daylight and starting to pack up my things and the tent. Around 8am Esa and I set off on the final leg back to Kinaba and were surprised and relieved to find that the wind that had plagued our first journey had died down a lot. The river was peaceful and beautiful allowing us to take more regular breaks to float gently on the momentum of our last stroke, and for us to really hear and see the forest wildlife. The part we had still dreaded however was crossing the lake we had struggled with last time and so we mustered our courage and strength in the passage before the lake with a long float and then turned into the lake and started the long paddle across the rough water.

Esa and I having a 'float' for a change from paddling
It was choppy and windy as before, and we tried not to think about the sharks known to inhabit the lake, or worry too much about the larger waves that impeded our forward progress by pushing us back or rocked us hard. Finally we made it into the safety and calm of the final waterway and swung round into Kinaba Information Centre where we unloaded the canoe and waited for the pick-up boat. When they arrived, we would have liked to frighten the new group arriving by telling them they had no idea what they had let themselves in for, but we settled on smirking and laughing between ourselves at the 3 day gruelling and grimy trip they had signed up for.

Back at Noosa, Megha decided to stay with a few of the group for the night while I opted to head back to Rainbow wth Esa on the bus. Since we had a few hours to kill we snuck in with the group checking into the hostel and had a well-needed shower to rid ourselves of 3 days of dirt and sand embedded in our hair, fingernails and skin. We sat reading in the sunshine till the courtesy hostel bus came, dropping us in town in time for the Premier bus arrived and enjoyed a film on the 2 hour journey back to Noosa while Esa dropped off from exhaustion.

Back at Rainbow 'Nin was delighted that I had returned and after changing and settling in the 3 of us sat with some of the other hostelers out in the garden. Esa and I went to buy some well-needed alcohol after our 3 day adventure but it was not to be, so Nin donated us hers and we drank with relief. We wandered down to the beach for a bit in search of a beach party we had heard about but only found a group of drunken teenagers in the dark with music blaring out of the boot of a car so after laughing at the age gap and being propositioned by randy 17 yr olds we headed back to bed. I was delighted to have been given a room all to myself with a double bed and crawled into it with relish and finally crashed into sweet, comfortable oblivion.

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Esa and I
Esa and I
Esa and I having a float for a c…
Esa and I having a 'float' for a …
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