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Nature's Window

It was hot last night, I had to sleep downstairs in the living room under a fan. I barely slept and was up at 6.45am to catch a coach tour round the main features of the National Park with Danny. We set off first for Nature's Window (via a python snake lying in the road), a rock formation framing the beautiful Murchison River, which was unusually high for the weather. There is very little rainfall actually here, but the other areas that feed the river had experienced recent rain. The sun was already beating down early, it was a relief to be handed wet flannels to sooth the heat.

From there we walked round the Loop Track to look down over the valley and back towards the plateau where Nature's Window is. From there we drove onto the Z Bend canyon which was spectacular in the sunshine, the rays lighting up the red rock and the river was high, having been little more than a trickle at 40 litres/second 3 hours previously, and now running 13,000 litres/second! Back at the covered seating area we had chocolate cake and tea, but with the caffeine and the hangover I felt sick and slept all the way back to the hostel.

The Z Bend

We then set off for Cervantes (via reception to pick up my gorgeous ring), at the suggestion of the hostel staff, stopping briefly first at the Hutt River Province, a self-appointed seperate legal state from the rest of Australia 'ruled' by Prince Mick and Princess Shirley. They took on the government and created their own state by means of a legal loophole (quickly closed shortly after the debacle) over a disagreement. The upshot of this being an unusual visa and passport stamp! We also stopped briefly in Northampton and Geraldton (the boys were pining for the first big yellow 'M' for 1000km. Apparently in Denham sometimes they do the 8 hr round trip to eat, or to buy the goods uncooked ready to cook at home!

We raced against the clock to reach The Pinnacles, another rock formation best viewed at sunset.

Bust of Prince Lionel at Hutt River Province
The sun was nearly on the horizon as our beat-up old car screeched into the national park, steaming and bubbling with the exertion. The Pinnacles weren't quite what I was expecting. I was expecting maybe 30 or so pointy rocks in the sand, a bit like a desert Avebury, so I was quite unprepared for millions of pointy rocks in sand stretching for several square miles. As usual our noisy group crashed the romantic sunset couples as they cuddled and canoodled, and we shrieked and joked and took endless photos.

Driving back to Cervantes we tried to call the hostel but to no avail, reception was already shut. True to our roles (The English Teacher - me, The Driver - Sebastian, the Chef - Hide, and The Thief - Cedric) Cedric did a recce for a free bed but when he was unsuceesful we simply camped out on the convenient four sofas in the living room and slept there for the night.

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Natures Window
Nature's Window
The Z Bend
The Z Bend
Bust of Prince Lionel at Hutt Rive…
Bust of Prince Lionel at Hutt Riv…
Sebastian trying to keep cool by s…
Sebastian trying to keep cool by …
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