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Digging holes at Hot Water Beach

Last time round we were unable to go to Hot Water Beach because the tides were wrong, but this time round we could catch it as long as we were at the beach for 7.30am so it was an early start! Don't be fooled into thinking that while traveling I get lots of lie-ins, I don't! I get up earlier most days than I would at home for work and we are active all day! Down at the beach we started digging a hole with our spades which filled with hot water. We had to fight against the incoming tide and found it difficult to strike a balance between the scalding hot water and the infrequent infloods of cold water. Trying to locate a moderate place to stand meant I actually burnt the soles of my feet! I must have been standing directly over a split leading down to the lava pool below.

In front of the L&P bottle with a Movember moustache
.. Some people were brave enough to get in but with the cool morning air temperature and the fine balance of hot and cold proving a problem I was content just to paddle in the water. Soon the tide came in though and we had to give in.

We stopped for breakfast at Paeroa, the home of L&P, where we have stopped before, but this time we were prevailed upon to have a photo with the giant bottle that sits in the centre of town. It wears a moustache for Movember! Then we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls, which was used for a shampoo advert at home; either Herbal Essences or Timotei we think, and had some silly photos taken.

We were headed to do some zorbing but we got stuck in the traffic jam from an accident for an hour so we couldn't do anymore stops and were late to make Raglan for the surfing lessons. At Raglan I simply chilled out with a book in the sunshine, cooked some dinner and had an early night again - woo for me!

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Digging holes at Hot Water Beach
Digging holes at Hot Water Beach
In front of the L&P bottle with a …
In front of the L&P bottle with a…
Bridal Veils Waterfall (Timotei or…
Bridal Veils Waterfall (Timotei o…
photo by: ashleynpearson