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Coral Bay

Today we got up, checked out of the hostel and then headed to Coral Bay beach to do some more snorkelling. It was better here today and the corals were prettier than in Turquoise Bay, though still mostly hard corals not soft corals. I didn't see much more than I had seen before, and could not go out as far as the boys on account of having no fins and not being as experienced a swimmer, but it was enough to enjoy and then came back and played in the shallows of the pristine and brilliant blue waters.

We used the hostel facilities to shower the sand off and freshen up, and waited for the heat of the day to abate a bit before heading off at around 3pm on our long, long drive to Monkey Mia. We were told the Greyhound bus normally took about 7hrs and assumed we could get there faster, but with regular stops for the radiator, and a shop stop at Canarvon to buy food and unbelievably 2 'slabs' (crates) of beer which were artfully arranged and squeezed into our already brimming car. The sun set and we were still driving, dangerously through roo hours. Mercifully we didn't happen across any, though the last, dying rays of the sun saw us driving along a road littered with suicidal goats hurtling across the road every 100 metres or so.

We finally rolled into Denham at about 10pm, believing our real destination Monkey Mia to be just too far and too late to attempt check-in. Once again we hadn't arranged a late check-in but I hadn't realised Sebastian was working on the vague knowledge that Danny had been heading here and perhaps could help us out. We parked and followed the sounds of talking and laughter into the hostel grounds and along the outside rooms towards the outdoor kitchen and ran immediatley into Danny. After much greeting and talking we decided not to try and cadge a free bed for the night and owned up to the hostel owner, a Brummie bloke called John, avid Aston Villa fan (and only awake to watch a crucial game), and all-round top bloke. He would check us in when the game finished. We would start getting drunk. No one slept more than 2 hours tonight....

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Coral Bay
Coral Bay
photo by: lasso