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The hotel gave me trouble this morning. I went to complain of the entire bleaching of two of my tops in their laundry and told them to deduct $15 off my bill in payment for the replacement of my ruined clothes. They refused, though I explained that it simply wasn't fair to expect me to foot the bill for their mistakes. I left the money on the counter and picked up my rucksack to leave but the hotel bloke barred my way despite my attempts to shoulder past him, and between him and his laundry women strong-arming me aggressively, managed to push me back into the reception! They then deadbolted every lock on the door - quite unnecessarily I thought seeing as it took about 5 minutes and 1 lock was enough to detain me - while I looked on speechlessly. I simply couldn't believe they'd manhandled me, nor that they expected full payment after ruining clothes! I was absolutely incandescent with rage at being rough-armed, though I tried to reason with them as calmly as I could, but they simply circled the room silently, refusing to make eye contact. Since I had no choice as I was late to catch the bus I gave them payment, though they dared still to quibble over cents so I handed over all my remaining small riel too angry and shocked to read the amounts.


It took about 2 hours of Nitin Sawhney and trying to remember all the times I have laughed this past 2 days to feel at all zen about it. Mostly over it now though, it's no longer a physical rage, just faint annoyance and humiliation. Don't ever stay at the Yellow/Hello Paradise guesthouse in Siem Reap!


The border at Poipet is more like an airport than the shanty shacks in the dirt I have been to between Vietnam and Laos. It's a bustling township; lorries of food and products rolling over the border, men pulling carts of rubbish and sacks, and stalls everywhere. I queued to leave Cambodia beside rows of airport seating, and then filed through a customs-style desk arrangement at the Thai side. 


The Golden Gate Travel Company was waiting to sell me a bus ticket (250B)to Bangkok on the other side and though I had planned to catch a tuk-tuk to the station, the lack of babbling drivers vying for my business and the suspicion that perhaps I was already AT the station made me return to Golden Gate with the other westerners. I shared the weird  fruit we bought yesterday with a dirty-faced barefoot boy that was hanging around the bus stop. He pointed out the characters and numbers on his t-shirt and repeated the words after I said them, before grinning toothlessly at me and skipping off in his new anklet I gave him to look cute in front of other unsuspecting tourists eating candy. I suspect he eats quite well hanging round there...


Once I was at Bangkok I caught a taxi to the Rambuttri Village Inn and checked into a reasonably expensive room (450B). After a long day I couldn't be bothered with looking around and wanted something convenient as it's only one day till I go to Cha-am to start my volunteer placement. Feeling out of sorts and lonely I just needed some reminders of home (tuna sandwich) and to settle in my room. Rambuttri road is pretty lively though so a walk out the strip was fun for a while.

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