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I woke up to heavy rain this morning and trudged down to meet the Intercity bus in waterproofs and carrier bags. The weather was pretty horrible back in Rotorua as well and I felt pretty down all told. I wanted to spend some time in the hostel hot pools (if I haven't made it clear before, Rotorua is famous for it's hot pools and geysers, almost every hostel/hotel has it's own hot pools and you can smell your imminent arrival in Rotorua before you see the signs because of the strong farty smell of sulphur....) but they had a problem with their hot water. This added to the melancholy feeling that somehow I'd taken a wrong turning with life, as suddenly everything seemed to be going wrong. I spent the day wandering about, reading, eating, napping and eventually got a call from PJ's telling me White Island too was cancelled due to bad weather. So, east coast pass failed, White Island is off, chances are my sky dive is off for the weather and also the Tongariro Crossing - my 2 reasons for heading south. I'm $120 down from the East coast fiasco, it's raining and I can't swim. Boo. Plus, with all the hopping around I haven't been making bus friends so I have barely spoken to anyone for 3 days.

Come on Tannith, shake off the blue funk!

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photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee