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The bus pulled in at 5am and the weary travelers dumped unceremoniously at the 24 hr petrol station in Exmouth sat bleary-eyed and palid over their weak tea in polystyrene cups till 8am when we could check in. We made a group of 4 girls; Gemini, a Buckinghamshire girl, Denise from Germany and Cecila the Kiwi lady and checked into a room together at Pot Shots, one of only 2 hostels in town. While the other girls napped I checked the noiceboard which was empty, and feeling depressed about the hopelessness of the situation, took all the brochures and leaflets down to the pool and worked out my contingency plan for seeing the west coast. I found a tour leaving Friday (5 days from now) that would take everything in and booked it, though if I find another lift I would rather do that.

Feeling better about having a Plan B I popped into town to buy food, and realised that Exmouth is a tenth of the size of Broome, and Broome is hardly a sprawling metropolis. I had put aside a day to see Exmouth, rather like I had spent a day seeing Broome, but realised that walking to the shops and back in 10 minutes had pretty much taken in all there is in Exmouth! I left a note on Gem's bed to come and join me at the pool and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and wondering where the 50 or so backpackers and hotel guests could possibly be hiding out in a town so deserted...?

That evening we bought some wine and marvelled at the appearance of so many people all sitting at the outdoor tables, barbecuing and drinking. We befriended a lovely German guy Thorben who has the bizarrest accent I've ever heard; part German, part Cockney Londoner, part Queens English and part Scottish! Listening to him talk makes me chuckle, how one sentence can simultaneously sound like he has a plum in one's mouth, and a mockney geezer...

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