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Fascinating Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state of India, as it is also known for its riches festivals, folk arts, and heritage. The state is famous for one of its specialties like Jaipur is knows as Pink City, Jodhpur is known as Blue City or Sun City, Udaipur is named as a city of lakes, Jaisalmer is known as Golden City. Tourists enjoy, exploring the evocative culture of Rajasthan.

Jodhpur, the Blue City

Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian State of Rajasthan. The name is in character with its architecture like forts, palaces, havelis, temples and even houses are built in scintillating shades of blue.

One can stand at a certain height, can view the whole city as blue as it unfurls the color in the form of the blanket. It is also known as Sun City for the bright and sunny weather. It is one of the popular tourist destinations, which is set in the stark landscape of Thar Desert, which makes this place more alighting.

Looking for more options besides hotels?

You go on vacation to get some peace from daily stressful life. When it comes to get accommodation at Jodhpur you can find several luxury class hotels but at such hotels you cannot feel like your home. Further, if you are a creative person like writer, photographer, musician, nature loving person, or any other person who want to live a ground zero to discover the real flavor of the land of Jodhpur then you must search for homestay where you will be able to discover real beauty of the place as well as find peace of mind to enhance your creativity.

In addition, if you are newly married couple and want to spend your honeymoon by discovering unusual beauty of Jodhpur where you can spend auspicious moment with your beloved life partner with getting disturbed by hospitality staffs and crowd of luxury class hotels then you must book online homestay in Jodhpur.

Following are the options, which will be offered by reputed online service providers who can arrange best private accommodations for you, your family, and your beloved ones:-

Services Apartment: People are now giving their apartment to tourists to make them feel of homestay. You will get peace and can enjoy the quality time with your partner or family. You will get a chance to interact with local people and explore the city in a better way.

Cottages: Holiday Cottages have plenty of floor space, living rooms, separate kitchen and playing area outside where kids can play.

You can get large as well as small cottages in Jodhpur as per your need and number of people coming with you to spend most undiscovered location of India. However, when you book a hotel whether is it economical or luxury class you need to pay for each person who are going to stay with you but by hiring accommodations recommended by reputed online homestay service provider, you can save your money as you have to pay for accommodation only. You can book the cottages online as well before you land at Jodhpur so that you may go through any hassle once you reach the amazing tourist destination.

Bungalows & Villas: If you want to turn your holiday like a splendid stay and make it memorable for life time. You can opt for bungalows where you will be served by hospitality staffs of the owner of bungalows or villas.

The hospitality staffs of bungalows and villas will cook for you and do all the needful work that can ease your stay and travel at the city. These bungalows are mostly located in a beautiful location from where you can get good pictures with a beautiful landscape in the background and get a glance of the sunset view. Mostly these bungalows are acquired by honeymoon couples but less expensive than resorts. Thus, by renting such homestays at Jodhpur you can bring out most creative artist inside you and can you will be able generate most innovative and unique piece of work.

Apartments: You can book an apartment as per the number of people coming for holiday trip. It can it 2BHK or 3 BHK. You will get the balcony to view of the city, besides that you become familiar with the local language after interacting with nearby people. They can guide you without thinking of their own profit. You can stay, cook, have the gala time with friend or family and add one of the memorable stays in your life chapters. In addition, you can taste the fabulous cuisines of Rajasthan in traditional manner like local people of the place.

Get up and book the tickets

After reading the article, one cannot resist going and exploring the beautiful city like Jodhpur. Advance booking of your perfect accommodation will help you in getting you best rooms to stay and makes your holiday even more amiable. Thus, pick the best homestay and make your holidays memorable for the lifetime. Visit

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