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This is a bucket list trip that we have been planning for a couple years. Our third trip to Spain. First stop is Barcelona, then San Sebastian, then Pamplona (Running of the Bulls), then Madrid.

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June 24th, 2017Miami, Florida
July 1st, 2017Barcelona, Spain
July 2nd, 2017Barcelona, Spain
July 3rd, 2017Sitges, Spain
July 4th, 2017Barcelona, Spain
July 5th, 2017San Sebastian, Spain
July 6th, 2017San Sebastian, Spain
July 7th, 2017Biarritz, France
July 8th, 2017San Sebastian, Spain
July 9th, 2017Pamplona, Spain
July 10th, 2017Pamplona, Spain
July 11th, 2017Pamplona, Spain
July 12th, 2017Madrid, Spain
July 13th, 2017Madrid, Spain
July 14th, 2017Madrid, Spain
July 15th, 2017Madrid, Spain
July 22nd, 2017Miami, Florida