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Ever since Riga was voted Europe's Cultural Capital 3 years ago, it fell on my radar. And after 3 long years, I finally made my Baltic debut. My 5 days here were beyond amazing: Riga sightseeing, free walking tours, the KGB HQ and day trips to smaller towns. Add to this, the surrounding bountiful greenery which makes this country a live tapestry of nouveau art towns, medieval castles, woods and rivers.

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May 28th, 2017Riga, Latvia
May 29th, 2017Riga, Latvia
May 30th, 2017Sigulda, Latvia
May 30th, 2017Cesis, Latvia
May 30th, 2017Riga, Latvia
May 31st, 2017Riga, Latvia
June 1st, 2017Bauska, Latvia
June 1st, 2017Riga, Latvia
June 2nd, 2017Riga, Latvia
June 3rd, 2017Riga, Latvia