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Me and Pierre in front of his house.
Before I came to the Galapagos, I bought a Natural History guidebook, thinking I would be very learned on the geological and biological diversity of the islands before I arrived.  This guidebook was written by an enigmatic character named Pierre Constant who lived on the sparsely populated island of Isabela.  Please see the picture of him for further reference.

I decided to visit him while I was in Isabela and had him autograph my book, which he did in a very French way:

"Dear Nicole,
An enthusiast at play in the fields of creation.
Pierre Constant, 2007"

What?!  That is typically my reaction to things French people say...both when they're speaking in French and English.  We chatted a bit about his favorite dive sites and when I compared him to Jacques Cousteau, the great French  explorer and scuba diver, he modestly acknowledged, "Yesss...I have heard that before." 
Well, the Galapagos being a small world as it is, I ran into him on my island (Santa Cruz) and we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Another happy customer!
  Here were my favorite slightly incomprehensible quotes from the dinner.

"As you can tell, I get very deep into things.  I like to get to the essence of things."

"What time were you born?  What time does the sun rise in Hawaii? (Long pause).  Ah, yes, you are a Rising Cancer.  And your Aquarius makes you a great communicator.  I've never met an Aquarius who wasn't a great communicator."

"I am Pierre Constant.  I am a Constant force here."

"But before we begin eating, please tell me, what part of the book did you like best?"

"Ah yes, you must listen to your own guidelines.  Everyone has them."

"I am an explorer."

"I have lots of role models.  Jack London.  Ernest Hemingway.  And lots of French guys you wouldn't know."

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Me and Pierre in front of his hous…
Me and Pierre in front of his hou…
Another happy customer!
Another happy customer!
Puerto Ayora
photo by: timbo