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Paul, Javier, and Me.
The nightlife revolves around two bars: Limon y Cafe (which is strange for 2 reasons: 1) Everyone calls it Cafe Limon and 2) it serves neither Limon or Cafe) and Bongos.  Within these two bars there are two things to do: 1) Drink beer and 2) Play pool on tables with broken felt.  There is always a line to play pool.  So you can guess what main activity I engage in.  There is also the option of dancing salsa, which I am horridly bad at. 

On the second night in town, I decided to drink myself silly because that is what you do on your first or second night in town.  I basically drank a bottle of wine (okay, maybe 2/3) by myself while taking tiny shots of cana which can best be described as a cross between Drano and sugar cane.
Margi (another volunteer) and me

So after downing more than my share of wine, we head to the main street to Cafe Limon.  I manage to down 2 more beers and kept on calling a gay hair cutter "mi milagro" (my miracle) because I couldn't pronounce or remember his name.  I'm not even sure if he was actually gay.  Anyways, he was so overwhelmed by my effusion of emotion (or my drunkenness) that he promptly took his bracelet off his wrist and gave it to me.  It has Chinese coins on it.  Uncanny.

So, we then walk to Bongos, the "discoteca" (really a small bar with music).  One drink leads to another, and Paul (my roommate) and I are eating dark chocolate peanut M&Ms at home which I smuggled in from LA.  I had promised him some M&Ms since it was his birthday.  As we're eating M&Ms at 3 AM, I think,'s time to go to the beach.  So we walk all the way to the paved route to Tortuga Bay but it's dark as dark chocolate M&Ms and I decide, no, I can't walk there.  And then it seemed like a good idea to walk all the way to the other side of town for the beach there.  We end up freezing at the mini beach until 5 am when the National Park Guardia comes and demands what we're doing there.  We say we'll leave and do.  Into bed at 5 am and woke up at 7:30 to look at trash.  Good times.

Didn't bring my camera out that night but here are photos from similar nights.
merebk04 says:
First question: are comments public?? Second, this beach adventure sounds exciting! (Well, really, your entire experience does), but this sounds like the requisite late-night-on-a-beach-with-a-boy that always happens. I love it!

What I might love more: baby tortoises! SO CUTE!
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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Paul, Javier, and Me.
Paul, Javier, and Me.
Margi (another volunteer) and me
Margi (another volunteer) and me
Me and mi milagro boyfriend
Me and "mi milagro" boyfriend
Me and Linda, a worker at the Muni…
Me and Linda, a worker at the Mun…
The impressive inside of Cafe Limon
The impressive inside of Cafe Limon
Puerto Ayora
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