Lima: the Start of the Peru Tour and the Atlantic City of South America?

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Arroz con mariscos - Lima does have good seafood

After waking up ridiculously early at 4:30am to make sure I didn’t miss my 7:20 flight, I get to the airport to have my flight delayed 3 hours.  Not that surprising for Quito Airport, due to its altitude, perpetual cloudiness, and well, being in Latin America. 

I finally get to Lima, which I won't say much about because it didn't strike me as very unique or interesting, although I spent very little time there and all in the relatively wealthy Miraflores area.  Lima is relatively big with 9 million people and traffic that makes driving on LA freeways look easy.  Although it's located on the coast, it's quite polluted and often has rainy and cloudy weather during this time of the year.

Interesting nativity scenes...a Jewish Orthodox nativity?
  Amidst the countless Chili's, Starbucks (!), and McDonald's, casinos are very popular.  They try to exude the same majestic grandeur of Las Vegas but without the billions of dollars Vegas has to invest in the Strip.  So instead you get very well-lit places called Hello Hollywood (what?), New York (just the one), and my favorite, Atlantic City.  Someone should tell them Atlantic City really isn't something to aspire to be.

Nothing worth mentioning about the food except that I was introduced to Cusqueña, a local beer from Cuzco, which is very satisfying.

We missed our plane on Tuessday afternoon because our chartered bus came late and to the wrong hotel first!  We had another afternoon to kill in Lima and ended up taking a 4AM flight to Juliaca en route to Puno.

A very Andean nativity
  It is not fun waking up at 1:30AM, but so it goes. 

Our group of 15 was great.  I was worried that I would feel lonely traveling by myself but every one was awesome and the couples actually acted as individuals!  Imagine that!  People hailed from the U.S. (CA, FL, HI - me!, WI), Canada, Colombia, the Czech Republic, England,  and Ireland.  Our tour leader Jose was from Lima, Peru and the biggest mack was awe-inspiring!  Blondes beware!  I got used to traveling with the group and we became almost like an exclusionary middle school clique.  Over 15 days, you know how individuals will react to a given stimulus...e.g., if there is an animal, you can be sure I'll want to hung, ride, and/or befriend it.  I already miss my group. I felt a feeling of emptiness when Dustin and Darah (all names have been changed to protect the identity of the people) left Cuzco and when the other half of the group left the Amazon and finally on my last day when everyone parted ways to return to their respective countries. 

Two unknown factors worked out stupendously for our trip: the group dynamic and weather.
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Arroz con mariscos - Lima does hav…
Arroz con mariscos - Lima does ha…
Interesting nativity scenes...a Je…
Interesting nativity scenes...a J…
A very Andean nativity
A very Andean nativity
photo by: rsvpme