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This year I took the Global Parkbench Tour to some unexpected places.

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January 4th, 2017Morrisville, Pennsylvania
January 4th, 2017Yardley, Pennsylvania
January 4th, 2017Newtown, Pennsylvania
January 5th, 2017Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania
January 5th, 2017Penndel, Pennsylvania
January 5th, 2017Hulmeville, Pennsylvania
January 5th, 2017Langhorne, Pennsylvania
January 5th, 2017Tullytown, Pennsylvania
January 5th, 2017Bristol, Pennsylvania
January 6th, 2017Elkton, Maryland
January 6th, 2017North East, Maryland
January 6th, 2017Charlestown, Maryland
January 6th, 2017Perryville, Maryland
January 6th, 2017Port Deposit, Maryland
January 17th, 2017Rye Brook, New York
January 17th, 2017Port Chester, New York
January 17th, 2017Rye, New York
January 17th, 2017Harrison, New York
January 17th, 2017Mamaroneck, New York
January 17th, 2017Larchmont, New York
January 18th, 2017New Rochelle, New York
January 18th, 2017Pelham, New York
January 18th, 2017Mount Vernon, New York
January 18th, 2017Yonkers, New York
January 18th, 2017New York, New York
January 19th, 2017New York, New York
January 20th, 2017New York, New York
January 27th, 2017New York, New York
January 28th, 2017New York, New York
January 29th, 2017Fort Lee, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Palisades Park, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Ridgefield, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Fairview, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Cliffside Park, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Edgewater, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Guttenburg, United States
January 29th, 2017West New York, New Jersey
January 29th, 2017Union City, New Jersey
January 30th, 2017Hoboken, New Jersey
January 30th, 2017Jersey City, New Jersey
January 30th, 2017Harrison, New Jersey
January 30th, 2017Newark, New Jersey
February 7th, 2017Mount Jackson, Virginia
February 7th, 2017Edinburg, Virginia
February 8th, 2017New Market, Virginia
February 8th, 2017Shenandoah, Virginia
February 13th, 2017Ashland, Pennsylvania
February 13th, 2017Girardville, Pennsylvania
February 13th, 2017Frackville, Pennsylvania
February 13th, 2017Gilberton, Pennsylvania
February 13th, 2017Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
February 13th, 2017Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania
February 14th, 2017Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
February 14th, 2017Coaldale, Pennsylvania
February 14th, 2017Lansford, Pennsylvania
February 14th, 2017Summit Hill, Pennsylvania
February 14th, 2017Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017New Freedom, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017Railroad, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017Loganville, Pennsylvania
February 21st, 2017Jacobus, Pennsylvania
March 14th, 2017Quito, Ecuador
March 15th, 2017Cayambe, Ecuador
March 15th, 2017Eugenio Espejo, Ecuador
March 15th, 2017Otavalo, Ecuador
March 15th, 2017Campania, Ecuador
March 16th, 2017Atuntaqui, Ecuador
March 16th, 2017Santa Isabel, Ecuador
March 16th, 2017San Antonio, Ecuador
March 16th, 2017Ibarra, Ecuador
March 17th, 2017El Juncal, Ecuador
March 17th, 2017Bolivar, Ecuador
March 17th, 2017Cuesaca, Ecuador
March 17th, 2017La Paz, Ecuador
March 18th, 2017San Gabriel, Ecuador
March 18th, 2017Tulcan, Ecuador
March 19th, 2017Lajas, Colombia
June 28th, 2017Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
June 29th, 2017Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
June 29th, 2017Shkhawr, Afghanistan
June 29th, 2017Nikham, Afghanistan
June 29th, 2017Vark, Afghanistan
June 30th, 2017Qozideh, Afghanistan
July 1st, 2017Uchrdrag, Afghanistan
July 2nd, 2017Fatur, Afghanistan
July 3rd, 2017Eshkashem, Afghanistan
July 4th, 2017Ishkashim, Tajikistan
July 5th, 2017Murgab, Tajikistan
July 6th, 2017Jelondy, Tajikistan
July 7th, 2017Khorog, Tajikistan
July 8th, 2017Rushan, Tajikistan
July 9th, 2017Dekh, Tajikistan