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The region Saxon Switzerland, located south of the city Dresden on both sides of the Elbe river and bordering to the Czech Republic, is full of natural wonders and like bizarre sandstons patches, flat-top mountains, canyons, but also has man-made sights from picturesque villages and towns and castles over special means of transport to special local food/beverages. Part of the region was declared National Park (free access). This blog describes hikes, cycling trips and sightseeing excursions.

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May 27th, 2017Rathen, Germany
May 30th, 2017Rathen, Germany
June 3rd, 2017Rathen, Germany
June 4th, 2017Königstein , Germany
June 7th, 2017Königstein , Germany
June 10th, 2017Königstein , Germany
June 17th, 2017Bad Schandau, Germany
June 24th, 2017Bad Schandau, Germany
June 30th, 2017Bad Schandau, Germany