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My 1st trip to Israel last year was really hitting all the tourist spots. This blog, which is a combo of the next 2 trips collects my memories of visiting some of the less touristy spots, but nonetheless examples on why this tiny country's history is so diverse.

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May 18th, 2017Herzliya, Israel
May 19th, 2017Caesarea, Israel
May 19th, 2017Haifa, Israel
May 19th, 2017Rosh Hanikra, Israel
May 19th, 2017Acre, Israel
May 25th, 2017Bethlehem, Israel
May 25th, 2017Jerusalem, Israel
May 26th, 2017Tel Aviv, Israel
May 26th, 2017Herzliya, Israel
May 28th, 2017Tel Aviv, Israel
August 12th, 2017Herzliya, Israel
August 13th, 2017Tal Al-Gharam, Israel
August 13th, 2017Katzrin, Israel
August 13th, 2017Herzliya, Israel
August 15th, 2017Meron, Israel
August 15th, 2017Safed, Israel
August 15th, 2017Tiberias, Israel
August 17th, 2017Tel Aviv, Israel
August 18th, 2017Tel Aviv, Israel
October 19th, 2017Tel Aviv, Israel
October 20th, 2017Tel Aviv, Israel