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Paris has, from time immemorial grown into a world class city. The wide assortment of museums, galleries, parks and the dining scene have made it a culture pioneer. But in the process, several Cathedral towns got overshadowed by their big brother. This trip to me was about discovering those towns: towns that are in the record books for the simple magnificence of their Cathedrals and the stories they tell. As always, this is another one for the books!

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May 13th, 2017Paris, France
May 14th, 2017Paris, France
May 15th, 2017Amiens, France
May 16th, 2017Rouen, France
May 16th, 2017Paris, France
May 17th, 2017Chartres, France
May 17th, 2017Paris, France
May 18th, 2017Paris, France
May 19th, 2017Paris, France