Irão 2017

 By avieira67

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The Summary

I visited this huge country for 20 days in April 2017. I have found all the information we get about the is country, regarding safety, completely wrong. It is, probably, the most safe country I have ever visited, and its people is really polite and helpful. More than once I was invited by families for a lunch/dinner and to stay at their homes as a guest. Please, do not hesitate to visit this wounderful cultural rich country!

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April 20th, 2017Iran
April 21st, 2017Kashan, Iran
April 22nd, 2017Abyaneh, Iran
April 23rd, 2017Isfahan, Iran
April 26th, 2017Yazd, Iran
April 27th, 2017Meybod, Iran
May 3rd, 2017Zanjan, Iran
May 5th, 2017Tabriz, Iran
May 13th, 2017Tehran, Iran
May 29th, 2017Shiraz, Iran
May 29th, 2017Qalat, Iran
June 15th, 2017Kandovan, Iran