How to Spend 25 Latu's in Lithuania (Latvian Currency)

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Hi Guys,

Well after making it all the way thru Russia without Police incident, in which we were slighlty dissappointed. Upon leaving Lithuania for the 2nd time CM was pulled to the side of the road clocked for speeding. The young Policeman asked CM to have a seat in the police car. CM knew bribes should bever be suggested (thanks to the Long Way Round, Cheers Ewan and Charlie) and the fine was not the big issue. The issue was that we had to ride 30km back to Vilnius to pay this fine before he would give back my drivers license. Being on a tight scedule this would have added at least 4 hours. I told him of our situation and asked if it was possible to pay on the road to the Polish border, to which his response was, "oh, do you have the money on you?"

Unfortunately CM had no Lithuanian currency.
But CM did mention to him that he had 25 Latu which is equivalent to 25 pounds and approx 10 pounds cheaper than the actual fine. To which he tapped the centre console. CM then proceed to hand him the money and he said "no", and tapped the centre console again. CM kindly dropped the latu into the centre console and exited the car with documents.

Later that day we made it to the "Wolf's Lair", Hitlers bunker. Hitler lived here for 2.5 years during WW2 and claimed it was the only place he truly felt safe. Ironically this is where some of his trusted generals attempted to kill him. FYI Tom Cruise is currently making a movie about it. Most the buildings contained 7m thick concrete walls and 10m thick ceilings!

In Gdansk, we where greeted by Maciek a brother of JPs work colleague, Jakub.
We went for a traditional Polish lunch consisting of a variety of tasty dumplings of generous portions that both JP and CM struggle to finish. Maciek took us around town and along the canal which was hugely developed on one side and fairly run down on the other. JPs property tycoon within him awoke yet again. Onto WesterPlatter with Maciek to see the significant place where the first shots of WW2 were fired. Thanks to Maciek for the guided tour around Gdansk and hope you had a great Stag Night. We spent the night with Olek a friend of Jakubs and in traditional Polish style hit the vodka, hard! Thanks to Olek for the accomodation and best of luck with the renovating.

Last night caught up with Bettine and Christian for traditional german dinner in Berlin. Due to arriving late we have decided to stay another night and help them carry Christians stuff up the heavily graffiti staircase. The staircase might not resamble the sistine chapel but quality artwork none the least.

Auf Wiedersen,

JP and CM
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photo by: CFD