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By 10 am in the morning, we were ready and waiting outside the guesthouse front door, since the rental car would be deliver here today.

We waited outside and after 15 minutes, nobody coming…., we start looking around if the car actually park somewhere and keep looking when a car approaching the street. Unfortunately it started rain, but we were adamant and still waiting.

Finally, after half an hour waited and nobody coming, we go inside the restaurant and then speak to the staff if they can possible ring the rental car office and find out about our car.

Apparently, there were some problem or blah..blah..blah… and they said they will come at 11 am.

So we waited in the restaurant and have something to drinnks.

Unfortunately by 11 am, still nobody come.  We asked the guesthouse staff to ring the rental car office again.  This time they said will be coming by 12pm.

As naïve as we were, we waited again at the restaurant and I decided to have something to eat, I was not hungry but I get bored waited and do nothing.

 By 12 pm, still nobody coming. 

We decided, it was enough waiting and waste our time since it gets too late for a road trip, especially when we have not book any hotel yet.

We asked if the guesthouse has a room for tonight and they said they were fully booked, so I book a hotel nearby with my phone and we head out to the hotel straight away (which located a couple block), and then we arrange a rental car from the hotel.  Luckily the price was reasonable and we want a reputable company and want the car to be on the front door tomorrow morning.

Finished with the documentation, I rest in the hotel room while my friend explore the town again.

We book a table for diner at the hotel restaurant and it turn out to be a fantastic experience since the restaurant was quoted as one of the best in Kosice. The food was good and reasonable in price.

gingerbatik says:
agreed May. We wasted one day because of this:(
Posted on: Sep 23, 2017
cotton_foam says:
Awww...par bad rental company...I wish we could charge those kinds of companies that don't deliver services like they charge our credit cards if we don't make the reservations!!
Posted on: Sep 22, 2017
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