Ecuador 2012

 By Toonsarah

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The Summary

We visited Ecuador primarily because we wanted to see the Galápagos Islands, but it is too interesting a country not to see something of the mainland as well, so that is what we decided to do. And we were not sorry, as we found so much to like and enjoy here in the middle of the world. While the Galápagos were, as we’d hoped they would be, the highlight of our trip, we had a wonderful time on the mainland too.

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October 25th, 2012Quito, Ecuador
October 26th, 2012Otavalo, Ecuador
October 27th, 2012Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador
October 28th, 2012Papallacta, Ecuador
October 30th, 2012Cotopaxi, Ecuador
October 31st, 2012Quilotoa, Ecuador
November 1st, 2012Cuenca, Ecuador
November 3rd, 2012Guayaquil, Ecuador
November 4th, 2012Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
November 4th, 2012Baltra, Ecuador
November 4th, 2012North Seymour, Ecuador
November 5th, 2012Sombrero Chino, Ecuador
November 5th, 2012Bartolome, Ecuador
November 6th, 2012Genovesa island, Ecuador
November 7th, 2012Isla Santiago, Ecuador
November 7th, 2012Rabida Island, Ecuador
November 8th, 2012Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador
November 9th, 2012Espanola Island, Ecuador
November 10th, 2012Santa Fe Island, Ecuador
November 10th, 2012Plaza Sur, Ecuador
November 11th, 2012Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador