Skyscapes in Europe.

 By planxty

The Route

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The Summary

This blog entry is merely a vehicle to showcase some of the many images of skies that I have taken over the years and hence the date and locations of this front page is merely where and when I am composing it Where possible, I shall attempt to append the correct date and location to each image.

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January 25th, 2006London, England
August 23rd, 2006Broadstairs, England
November 4th, 2006Cheltenham, England
November 5th, 2006Reading, England
June 30th, 2007London, England
November 17th, 2012Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
December 2nd, 2012London, England
April 11th, 2017Surrey, England
April 30th, 2017Nancy, France