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I have to say at the outset that this is a complete copy of a travelogue (like a journal here) which I had on the much lamented Virtual Tourist website which was so disgustingly annahilated by a despicable creature called kaufer (I refuse to dignify him by capitalising his name) who is on a mission to make the appalling, worthless and completely self-seeking TripAdvisor the only travel related website on the internet.  I defy anyone to come back to me in ten years and tell me I was wrong, he will do it as he acts with no morals whatsoever.

Whilst this gets a whole load off my chest about a subject I am passionate about and the destruction of so much excellent hard work by so many dedicated people it probably does not inform the reader what this journal entry is about and it concerns another subject I am passionate about  and that is the sky.  

If the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking (arguably the most intelligent man on the planet), Professor Brian Cox (retired pop star and ludicrously good looking for his age), Dr. Brian May (yes, the guy out of Queen) and sundry others tell me that space is infinite, well, I have to believe them although my brain really does struggle with the concept of infinity.  Effectively, when you look at the sky you are looking at forever and an ever expanding forever at that.  It just freaks me.

More realistically, what your human eye can see is a few miles up except for the sun in the day (many million miles away and the moon and stars (even more billions of miles away) at night but all you are seeing with stars is the long distant history of light they emitted before man even evolved on Earth.  I know this all sounds a bit philosophical and I am no philosoher by any means but I do find the miniscule portion of sky I can see endlessly fascinating and nothing gives me greater pleasure than lying on my back on a warm day just watching clouds roll by.  Sunrises and more particularly sunsets are another source of constant pleasure to me.

Although I previously had this particular subject all done in one travelogue and in a completely random manner, I am going to attempt to impose some modicum of order in these journals by at least dividing the entries into continents.  Within those categories, however, the reader would need to understand the completely bizarre "filing" system I have saved my images in on  this new laptop and I am not sure I understand it properly myself!  It is merely a means of sharing some of the many images of some amazing skies that I have.

For no particular reason, I am going to start here with Europe.

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photo by: ulysses