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After the wanton destruction of 12 years hard work when TripAdvisor butchered the VT website, I was somewhat depressed and lost all will to travel, it seemed pointless. I had turned down offers to go to Sri Lanka, Madeira and Slovenia, all places I love. When a friend invited me to keep her company on a business trip to Holland, it was time to get on the road again. I'm typing this in Leiden and have no idea where the trip will end up as I've not yet decided but I'll keep you posted.

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April 1st, 2017London, England
April 3rd, 2017Harwich, England
April 4th, 2017Hoek van Holland, Netherlands
April 4th, 2017Schiedam, Netherlands
April 4th, 2017Leiden, Netherlands
April 5th, 2017Leiden, Netherlands
April 6th, 2017Leiden, Netherlands
April 7th, 2017Leiden, Netherlands
April 7th, 2017The Hague, Netherlands
April 8th, 2017The Hague, Netherlands
April 9th, 2017The Hague, Netherlands
April 10th, 2017The Hague, Netherlands
April 11th, 2017Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 12th, 2017Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 13th, 2017Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 13th, 2017Namur, Belgium
April 14th, 2017Namur, Belgium
April 14th, 2017Dinant, Belgium
April 14th, 2017Beauraing, Belgium
April 15th, 2017Beauraing, Belgium
April 16th, 2017Beauraing, Belgium
April 17th, 2017Beauraing, Belgium
April 18th, 2017Charleroi, Belgium
April 19th, 2017Charleroi, Belgium
April 20th, 2017Liege, Belgium
April 21st, 2017Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium
April 21st, 2017Liege, Belgium
April 21st, 2017Luxembourg, Luxembourg
April 22nd, 2017Luxembourg, Luxembourg
April 22nd, 2017Luxembourg
April 23rd, 2017Luxembourg, Luxembourg
April 24th, 2017Luxembourg, Luxembourg
April 24th, 2017Bettembourg, Luxembourg
April 24th, 2017Metz, France
April 25th, 2017Metz, France
April 26th, 2017Nancy, France
April 26th, 2017Metz, France
April 27th, 2017Nancy, France
April 28th, 2017Nancy, France
April 29th, 2017Nancy, France
April 30th, 2017Nancy, France
May 1st, 2017Dijon, France
May 2nd, 2017Dijon, France
May 3rd, 2017Dijon, France
May 4th, 2017Dijon, France
May 5th, 2017Dijon, France
May 6th, 2017Dijon, France
May 7th, 2017Macon, France
May 8th, 2017Macon, France
May 9th, 2017Lyon, France
May 10th, 2017Lyon, France
May 11th, 2017Lyon, France
May 12th, 2017Lyon, France
May 13th, 2017Lyon, France
May 14th, 2017Lyon, France
May 15th, 2017Lyon, France
May 16th, 2017Lyon, France
May 17th, 2017Lyon, France
May 18th, 2017Lyon, France
May 19th, 2017Lyon, France
May 20th, 2017Lyon, France
May 21st, 2017Lyon, France
May 22nd, 2017Lyon, France
May 23rd, 2017Lyon, France
May 23rd, 2017Geneva, Switzerland
May 24th, 2017Memmingen, Germany
May 24th, 2017Lindau, Germany
May 25th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
May 25th, 2017Memmingen, Germany
May 26th, 2017Wangen im Allgau, Germany
May 26th, 2017Lindau (Bodensee), Germany
May 26th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
May 26th, 2017Wiggensbach, Germany
May 27th, 2017Wiggensbach, Germany
May 27th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
May 27th, 2017Oberstdorf, Germany
May 28th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
May 29th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
May 30th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
June 7th, 2017Kempten im Allgau, Germany
June 7th, 2017Innsbruck, Austria
June 8th, 2017Innsbruck, Austria
June 9th, 2017Innsbruck, Austria
June 9th, 2017Bergamo, Italy
June 10th, 2017Bergamo, Italy
June 10th, 2017Rome, Italy
June 11th, 2017Rome, Italy
June 12th, 2017Rome, Italy
June 13th, 2017Rome, Italy
June 15th, 2017Rome, Italy
July 15th, 2017Rome, Italy
July 16th, 2017Rome, Italy
July 18th, 2017Rome, Italy
July 19th, 2017Rome, Italy
July 20th, 2017London, England