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Liverpool Street station, London.

This little trip, which should have been so simple, started being planned by mistake, began with a complete disaster and is only now starting to take shape.

Some readers will have seen my "unknown wonderland" blog about my trip to Burma in 2006 which I was using very much as a training exercise to get used to the mechanics of this site where I am a complete novice and I think I have got it more or less together although still not finished so I have been rather "thrown in at the deep end" here.  This will be my first attempt at keeping a "live" blog which it appears is very much the core business of Travbuddy.  

I am one of very many members of Virtual Tourist who were effectively left "homeless" on the internet by the evil stephen kaufer (not a typo, I refuse to dignify him as human by capitalising his name) in his quest to make the utterly appalling TripAdvisor the only travel-related website avilable.

Liverpool Street station, London.
  He is beneath cotempt and I hope that his death is long, slow and extremely painful.  That, however, is another story.  The members from there will, however, know how appalling I am with technology so this really is a jump into the unknown.

The fact of the matter is that I am now a member of Travbuddy and intend to contribute as fully as I can here and to that end here goes nothing!  I am still very much on a steep learning curve so if I go wrong I do hope the reader will not hold it against me.

To the trip itself which I say was planned by mistake.  I have a very dear friend who works internationally for a major brewing company (almost inevitably in my case) and we get a chance to spend some time together overseas.  We had a brilliant time in Madrid some years ago which I hope to make the basis of a journal entry here in due course.
I really needed a new rollalong and you can see I got a right bargain!

Some time ago my friend had asked if I fancied a few days in the Netherlands as she was going there for work  and naturally I answered in the affirmative.  I do love the Netherlands.  She 'phoned me last Thursday to ask if I was still up for it to which I replied, "Sure, it is next weekend, isn't it?"  Knowing how scatterbrained I am she literally nearly wet herself laughing on the 'phone and relied, "No, this weekend and the days after" (that was the original plan).  Oops, got it wrong again.

Still, it was not a problem as I am a single man and can literally get up and out the door in moments.  It is somewhat of a proud boast of mine that I have never taken more than 40 minutes to pack for any trip and that includes a trek round the Annapurna trail in Nepal some years ago.
Some new socks might not go amiss either.

The original plan was to meet up on the Sunday night so I had to get a tranportation option organised.  I have fallen so out of love with flying short haul that I will do just about anything to avoid it.  Since Islamic fundamentlists have created a worldwide climate of fear and even heritage airlines have gone down the route of cheapos by  providing nothing and charging for everything, flying is now my least favoured travel option.  

My very dear friend from VT days John Gayton (same name here on TravBuffy i.e. johngayton) visits Belgium regularly and had raved to me about the ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland which he uses frequently.  That certainly sounded like a plan to me.  As luck would have it, I was due to meet another dear friend on the Saturday, she is jo104 on here, and I was meeting her at Liverpool Street station which is the departure point for the boat train to Harwich so two birds with one stone as they say as I could meet Jo and also get my ticket.

We were going to scope out a potential route for a "Treasure Hunt" which we jointly arrange with Sarah (toonsarah here) and a lady called Lesley who I do not think has migrated from VT.  It is an annual event, timed to coincide with the Open House weekend in September.  It is always great fun and I would like to take this opportunity to invite any TravBuddy members who were not on VT to attend.  It will be  a great chance to meet Travbuddy members and they will be made most welcome.

This obvously put me in prime position for obtaining my ticket as walk-up prices for any sort of rail travel are obscenely expensive in UK and I did read somewhere that we pay the highest prices per mile in the world.  I do not know how true this may be but I know that booking ahead  of travel is definitely advised and that is what I did.  After our little exploratory walk and having dispatched Jo to a previous engagement, I toddled up to the ticket booth where I was dealt with by an untterly charming gentleman who, it transpired, had been a railwayman for many years.  I mention this merely as the vast majority of staff employed on British railways nowadays are surly and rude, thinking that they are doing you some sort of favour by paying their wages.

planxty says:
I forget things all the time which is why I should keep things up daily but things like bars with 13% beers tend to get in the way!
Posted on: Aug 03, 2017
Ils1976 says:
hahaha, I don't know about live since I tend to write them hopefully as quick as possible when I come back from a trip otherwise I tend to forget things! :)
Posted on: Aug 02, 2017
planxty says:
I am actually lugging a full sized laptop about with me as I cannot type on 'phones either. Very heavy but worth it, I feel.
Posted on: May 22, 2017
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Liverpool Street station, London.
Liverpool Street station, London.
Liverpool Street station, London.
Liverpool Street station, London.
I really needed a new rollalong an…
I really needed a new rollalong a…
Some new socks might not go amiss …
Some new socks might not go amiss…
photo by: ulysses