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Most of early 2017 has been spent kind of in limbo awaiting heart surgery. I could not make definite travel plans as I had no idea when the battery in my pacemaker would die making it need replacement. So when the pharmaceutical Company Rep for the orphan drug I am on invited me for a dinner, I jumped at the chance to make that an excuse to drive to Phoenix for a week.

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March 6th, 2017Eloy, Arizona
March 6th, 2017Sierra Vista, Arizona
March 7th, 2017Coolidge, Arizona
March 7th, 2017Apache Junction, Arizona
March 8th, 2017Goldfield, Arizona
March 8th, 2017Apache Junction, Arizona
March 8th, 2017Tortilla Flat, Arizona
March 8th, 2017Mesa, Arizona
March 9th, 2017Mesa, Arizona
March 9th, 2017Gilbert, Arizona
March 10th, 2017Miami, Arizona
March 10th, 2017Globe, Arizona
March 11th, 2017Sierra Vista, Arizona