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the letter ben sent to me, as he compiled the places in israel that he would take me if i visit - eventhough he mispelled my NAME lol, i was touched in my heart coz he had been saving it for years.

it really does happen. i mean, who would have thought i could find someone opposite of the world who shares your passion, interests and well, life itself.

i guess life is prearranged before we were even born, i dont know if its fate or destiny - i think the word for it is kismet.

to be honest i am having a hard time constructing words to write in the prologue of my blog because there are just so many stories to tell that i dont even know how to begin with!

to make the story short lol - ben and me came a very long way. i met this lad almost ten years ago in travbuddy when he just quit everything and wanted to travel, i was also looking for like minded people who wanted to have a roadtrip in spain and portugal.

we hit it off in an instant eventhough im years older than him - yeah he calls me papa smurf lol. then after that, he visited me in germany and travelled here and there and finally, i showed him my hometown in the philippines and it was that, we didnt heard from each other for a long time.

we didnt really "lost" communications between each other but we did what normal people do - i mean we lived our separate lives.

one time i learned that ben moved to israel for good, we got in contact again after 2 years - and he's inviting me to israel! i was like - i dont know - i got the heebeejeebees coz i know that coming into israel is very difficult for my passport, he reassured me and all this blah blah, but i still didnt coz it would be too much if i got there - got denied and sent straight back home lol i couldnt face a facepalm lol.

he still kept inviting me to go - straight from 2011 till the day i decided ok, its worth the risk of embarassment (too much scare monegering from horror stories in ben gurion airport about people being detained and sent back). he was so excited than me that im gonna visit him and relieve the days of our adventures. i was even touched when he sent me a mail of the places he would take me to israel - he was saving it for years and years in case i came to visit him. i just dont know what to say really, but some dark thoughts lingered in my head - would he still be the same ben i knew, travelled and had lots of fun and misadventures with? 8 years is a long way - we both grew up, did we outgrew everything and thought of the past as silly things? we shall see.

i would like to take you all in our incredible journey - 8 years in the making. follow us on our epic roadtrip in the promised land of israel......

lauro says:
oo hindi kami nagtagal sa jerusalem, parang pit stop lang for a long drive. enough to see the old city - yun lang naman gusto ko makita!
Posted on: Apr 24, 2017
cotton_foam says:
grabe ,nakakatuwa namang basahin journal mo! Tawa ako nang tawa. Tapos lahat nang mga binangit mo alam ko lahat yong mga places na yon. It brought back so many memories of my trip to Israel!!
Posted on: Apr 23, 2017
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the letter ben sent to me, as he c…
the letter ben sent to me, as he …
photo by: Chokk