Exploring Russia

 By vicIII

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The Summary

"The Russians, as a people, are both stoics and romantics, both long-suffering martyrs and self-indulgent hedonists, both obedient and unruly, both stuffy and unassuming, publicly pompous and privately unpretentious, both uncaring and kind, cruel and compassionate.” Hedrick Smith, "The Russians", 1976. I decided to place this quote here. Mr.Smith did a good job and published an unbiased book on Russia.

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March 23rd, 2017Saint Petersburg, Russia
March 24th, 2017Moscow, Russia
March 25th, 2017Mozhayevka, Russia
March 26th, 2017Donetsk, Russia
March 28th, 2017Gundorovka, Russia
March 29th, 2017Yelan, Russia
April 25th, 2017Zvenigorod, Russia
April 29th, 2017Volgograd, Russia
May 12th, 2017Peterhof, Russia
May 13th, 2017Saint Petersburg, Russia