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Before my studying abroad program started in Rome, I was sent to Paris to visit my Aunt and cousin. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know French. "If you know Spanish, you know French" is what I had been told. Little do those people know, that French (when not written down in text) sounds nothing like Spanish. It's super fast, and words are not completely pronounced. It's beautiful language I'll admit. I only wish I could speak it.

I love Paris. I'll forever be sad that I went around Paris as that little Asian girl from America who doesn't know what's going on and talks too loud. While it saddened me, I took this label and owned it proudly. Me and my cousin had a jolly good time wearing our most French apparel and taking ridiculous pictures at beautiful sites. That's what I love about Paris and I guess Europe in general- the fact that I can walk two steps and in front of me will be this elaborate and detailed building from 400+ years ago. The thoughs and all the work that went into that architecture leaves me speechless. I could sit and stare at that stuff for hours.

I also love the idea of fresh bread every morning. My aunt lived in a less crowded part of Paris and there were less stores and stuff but there was always a bread shop open. I would see people walking down the streets with their baguettes! Super cute!

As I am a terrible writer and I also don't remember much from my trip (that's why I take awful pictures to remember), I'll cut to the main points:

- Paris is wonderful.
- Weather was okay. Perfect for me since I don't like super hot, nor do I enjoy super cold.
- Metro is very easy to take.
- Kind of smells a lot in place but that is forgiven since everything is hundreds of years old.
- French food... bread is delicious. Waffles are delicious...Everything else that's delicious is SUPER expensive (not even just because it's Euros and I live in dollars).. Everything that is affordable is not so delicious. Sadness.
- Paris has an actual Chinatown.. kinda weird. kinda nice.
- Versailles is what my dreams are made of. I used to read about that in elementary school. I thought it was insane that someone basically built an entire town as a house. But it was everything I had imagined and more. It was immaculate and never once stopped giving. The beds in the rooms were so tiny too. Made me wonder if royalty slept curled up in a ball..or whether people were just way smaller back in the day.
- Louvre is not for day trips. I was so pissed that the Louvre was so grand and beautiful because I only had a day there and I didn't know what to do first. I wanted to do it all. It's a lifetime's worth of art and I wish I could sit in a new room everyday and just appreciate and love all the thought and innovation that went into each and every brush stroke or curve in every statue. It was hard for me to deal with because so much of everything is like a spectacle for me. I kinda felt like I was in Las Vegas (since they duplicate everything) or on a movie set.
- I can't wait to go back. I didn't get enough of Paris at all.
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photo by: Sweetski