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so i already came back home from peru. i went with my mom and dad and some other relatives to go to two of my cousin's weddings there. It was my first time there which was really excited for my parents because they wanted to show me where they were born and raised. The city is huge! My uncle told me it's about 60miles wide and there's about 8 million people living in peru! i thought san francisco had a lot with it's 800,000! Lima is really beautiful at night. It's when the city is most awake. The discotecas don't even open till 1am! and everyone eats dinner at like 10pm and lunch at like 2pm. of course the food is delicious! The pollution and poverty really bothered me though. My relatives in Peru are pretty rich. There's no middle class so it's either rich or poor. After eating my delcious five hour meals with my family, i felt like such a jackass for not sharing it with all these little kids on the streets. So many little kids would just be in the middle of traffic like juggling and singing for soles (peruvian money). They would smash their face against your car window too. I was told they do that so they can look inside your window to see what they can steal, then when you open the window (cuz their face is on it), they quickly stick their arm in and grab whatever. So crazy. There's not just little kids on the streets either, there's regular adults selling random crap on the side of the road also. Some sell products like magazines and little trinkets. Some also juggle. I saw a guy juggle knives! Either way Peru is fantastic for their artesenals (spellcheck) but they're like little flea market types. If you know spanish, you can negotiate better prices but otherwise they'll charge you a lot more. they're just trying to make a buck to feed their families, so i never really negotiated very much. it's only a buck more in my life, i think i can afford it. I bought a lot of little shot glasses with a leather casing. There was lot of alpaca stuff too. Those traditional hats with the ear flaps too.
Peru is really good at the piracy thing. In big market places like Polves Azules and Polvos Rosados, there are all these little stands selling fake goods. According to my cousin, Peru is the only place where blockbuster went bankrupt. The DVDs could be as cheap as $1 each and their really good quality. it boggles my mind how they do it. There's also not fake Lacoste or fake abercrombie but it's the extras from the factories that they have in Peru. If there's gonna be sweatshops, i guess it's good that the citizens are making money off it? .. that might not have made sense.
I wanted to go to el museo de la naccion but that crazy earthquake made it all dangerous so a bunch of the museums were closed and so was the beach. really sad. it didn't hit Lima that bad, it was more of the older towns south of Lima in Ica. My thoughts are way unorganized. But also, the pollution was so strong, it hurt my eyes for the first few days. i thought LA pollution was bad, but i was wrong. Also, maids (muchachas) are really cheap there, so a lot of my relatives had maids whom i loved a lot. they were super sweet. It made me really uncomfortable being served breakfast and not needing to wash my dishes. I tried to help out but they wouldn't let me. It was still nice.
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