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If you were asked to name the second largest country in Europe, your answer most likely would be France or Germany. You might be surprised to find out, however, that neither answer is correct. The country in that position is Ukraine, a populous Central European state, but one about which most of the world knows little. Six European countries: Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Portugal and Switzerland could be located on the territory of Ukraine.

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March 16th, 2017Kyiv, Ukraine
March 16th, 2017Mariupol, Ukraine
March 22nd, 2017Sloviansk, Ukraine
March 24th, 2017Bakhmut, Ukraine
March 25th, 2017Krushelnytsia, Ukraine
March 26th, 2017Korostiv, Ukraine
March 26th, 2017Drohobych, Ukraine
March 27th, 2017Komarno, Ukraine
March 28th, 2017Kovel, Ukraine
April 10th, 2017Truskavets, Ukraine
May 2nd, 2017Yalta, Ukraine