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Romania wasn't on my radar as destination but searching for one week holiday in July it was a tough choice for me.  As I can only takes one week off from work in the summer month I have to choose a place around Europe. I've been to many places in Europe only Romania never appear in my mind as I only hear about the reputation of the country and their people. Romania is not on my list, sounds strange or maybe I have bad experience with Romanian people in the area where we live. I have my doubt if its worth to spend a week, so I said okay if that is only one week is not so bad if I don't like it is not that far to take the plane back home - is only 2h45 minute fly from Brussels 

Here we are planned our summer trip to Romania. First thing in mind how we get around? while reading about their public transport is not extensively- it give us immediately of thinking to rent a car as we are plan travelling around. Thus, we first look for flights- Ryanair has nice schedule in the morning, a perfect time leaving Brussels early and arrived in Bucharest by noon, we still have time to see something when we get there.

After booking the flight we search for car online- there are a few car rentals in Bucharest airport we check the cheapest one and pointed us to Budget company who works together with Avis. We mostly travel with small suitcase a small car is sufficient for two of us. Thus, a small car is booked I'm surprised how cheap it is to rent a car for a week in Romania. 

Now making the route - as I don't have time to do it my travel buddy will make the itinerary, I'll check the list when is done it happen sometimes that I added some places, but this time he made it good. When the routes are made, next is booking the accommodations. The processed of making the planning it goes pretty fast, during researching we found out that there are so much to see in Romania, sounds like our one week is too short.  To see it all in a short time we're gonna drive 250-350 km everyday to see much more of the country. When the time's come, while we're on our way to the airport I feel excited. The last week before our trip I search some informations about the country, everyone seems admired the local people how friendly they are, and is a beautiful country to visit, and less expensive. And most of it they said, is a safe country except in Bucharest. I'm feeling at ease after reading informations

Our flight is on time, we arrive in Bucharest before noon we have one checked luggage, so we went through to the carousel area. When we got our luggage, next step is to car rental office just before the exit. Didier stood in the line while I'm looking for ATM machine to withdraw some cash. The lines at the counter is not too long, but takes a awhile. People before us doesn't have a reservation and the process  to rent a car without reserved in advance takes a long  time. We waited for more than thirty minutes.  When our turn the process of documents are fast- in less than 10 minutes we're all set.  

The friendly clerk of Budget company explained where we have to go for the shuttle. The car is not parked at the airport, thus we must take the shuttle to their depot. When we came outside the terminal to get to the shuttle,  the taxi drivers are roaring they're trying to get you in their cab. Ignore is  the only way. We arrived at the parking, a guy is been informed by his colleague at the airport is waited for us. He's ready to check the car, the checklist were all correct, but I double checked before signing the contract I am self assured when it comes to things like that. We didn't stay in Bucharest just passing through, we coming back. We book two nights in Bucharest and that is at the end of our trip

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