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This May I have a short trip to the Balkan. Exept the bus to Venice, the planes to Tirana and from Sibiu nothing was fixed, finally from the different possibilities to Berat > Gjirokaster > Ohrid > Skopje > Sofia > Timisoara > Sibiu

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May 7th, 2017Venice, Italy
May 10th, 2017Tirana, Albania
May 12th, 2017Berat, Albania
May 13th, 2017Gjirokastër, Albania
May 16th, 2017Ohrid, Macedonia
May 18th, 2017Skopje, Macedonia
May 19th, 2017Sofia, Bulgaria
May 22nd, 2017Timisoara, Romania
May 25th, 2017Sibiu, Romania
May 27th, 2017Targu Mures, Romania
May 27th, 2017Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania
May 30th, 2017Chernivtsi, Ukraine
June 1st, 2017Khotyn, Ukraine
June 1st, 2017Kamyanec Podolsky, Ukraine
June 4th, 2017Kiev, Ukraine