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DLR train

There are three excellent ways to view London's rapidly changing Docklands.

1. By boat

2. From high above on the Emirates Airlines Cable Car

3. On the DLR (Docklands Light Railway)

The DLR opened in 1987. Its small trains wriggle through the Docklands and adjoining areas, such as parts of the East End and South East London. Much of the time, the trains are driver-less, although there is always a member of staff on board. Occasionally, the train personnel take control of its operation.

The various lines of the DLR wend their way between the various new developments and across the waterways which were once busy berths for the ships that loaded and unloaded in the Port of London. From the carriage windows, one gets a splendid idea of what is going on in this rapidly cahnging eastern part of London.

DLR train above an Underground train
Sadly, the windows are not always too clean, making photography through them  a little less satisfactory.

Train lovers will enjoy the trains becuse there are seats at the front of them, where the river would normally be seated. Therefore, if you can get hold of one of these highly prized seats, you will have a driver's eyes view of the track ahead.

Whilst most of the track is above ground, the train becomes subteranean occasionaly when, for example, it crosses the River Thames.

Ticketing fits in with the Oyster Card fare system.

The DLR connects with City Airport most conveneintly. The DLR station is a very short walk from the airport's check-in counters.

The network of DLR has become quite complex. So, you need to take care when planning your journey, and also keep a close eye on the platform train indicators. Otherwise, you might find yourself in parts of London that you might not have planned on visiting.

As an extremely reasonably priced sight-seeing vehicle, the DLR is a must for anyone wishing to explore London efficiently.

Adam, great blog here, but I think something with the bold letters went wrong.
Posted on: Feb 26, 2017
Vikram says:
I love the DLR!
Posted on: Feb 25, 2017
grandmar says:
Very different from when we were there in 2002
Posted on: Feb 25, 2017
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DLR train
DLR train
DLR train above an Underground tra…
DLR train above an Underground tr…
DLR: View from the front
DLR: View from the front
DLR: Drivers eye view
DLR: Driver's eye view
DLR train
DLR train
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