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Front street in Hamilton from the NCL Crown

In 2004 we made our last trip up the Intercoastal Waterway on our boat and Bob's brother persuaded him that he should take a cruise to Bermuda.  So we went on the last cruise of the year out of Baltimore on the Norwegian Cruse Lines ship the Crown.  This was Bob's first cruise ever.

November 16, 2004

The weather was too rough for us to come in to St. Georges harbour as scheduled on Tuesday so the ship docked in Hamailton.. We took a ferry to Somerset Bridge (a tiny drawbridge only 22" wide).

I talked to the ferry assistant, and he said he worked a 14 hour shift. He was lying on the bench at the front of the ferry eating a candy bar in spite of the fact that there is no eating on the ferry.  Then we caught a bus out to King's Wharf. I shopped at the Craft Market and bought some gifts made in Bermuda.

Dollhouse with Bermuda cedar furniture
  We used our Heritage passes (instead of paying $10 admission or $8 for seniors), for the Maritime Museum and toured the Commissioner's House. There was a wonderful doll house full of carefully crafted  tiny cedar furniture. I thought what the Dolphin Quest has done to the Watergate area was horrible. Then got the high speed catamaran ferry back to Hamilton.

For dinner, we walked up to the Hog Penny and had the Upper Crust Supper ($46.00 including service charge for a 3 course dinner).

17 November 2004

Wednesday, we started out with our own walking tour of Hamilton.

Verdmont - customs collector's house
We walked along Front Street, and saw the Centoph, and the Government Buildings, and then walked back to the bus station and hopped a bus out to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. (Non-Heritage pass admission $10.50 or $8.40 for seniors). I got a recommendation for lunch from the guy at the gift shop. Actually, we hopped the bus but it let us off several blocks away - in Paget Parish because there's no outbound stop nearer to the BUEI. On the walk we went past a boatyard and took a picture of a kisskidee bird

We stopped for lunch at the North Rock ($31.50) I had the Bermuda fish chowder which I would swear had beef in it and a side salad.

We took the bus up Collector's Hill and visited Verdmont Built in 1710, the Verdmont Museum is the primary Bermuda National Trust property. They had a really nice dollhouse in the attic. They didn't allow photos inside.

Then we walked back to the bus stop.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (part of the zoo)
Since there was no room to stand on the side of the road at the bus stop for the bus in the direction we wanted to go, we sat on a wall on the other side of the road. When the bus came, Bob sprinted across the road to the other side to give me a chance to get over there. We took the bus out through the golf course, past the caves to the Glass Blowers (opposite Grotto Bay) and discovered it (like the Perfumery) had closed.  I knew that the Perfumery had closed.

So we started back for Hamilton, stopping on the way (at 4 pm) at the BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo) which is also on the Heritage Pass. Regular admission $10 or $5 for seniors. We went to the Zoo first because that closed at 4:30. When the BAMZ closed at 5, we got a bus back to Hamilton and finished the walking tour and also did some shopping at Trimminghams on the way back to the ship.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (aquarium part)

Since the dinner coupons for the dining out in town were supposed to be a value of $50, I thought that I should really get our money's worth out of them. There's no point paying $10 for a $50 coupon and then buying a $20 dinner with it. That's why we didn't use it at the Hog Penny.

The most expensive option would have been Tom Moore's Tavern, which NCL has mistakenly located in Hamilton. It is NOT in Hamilton in Pembroke Parish. It is in Hamilton PARISH which is a different location altogether. The problem with Tom Moore's would be that we would have to get a cab as the buses stop running out there at 6, and they don't open until 6:30. So that would not be economical.

We'd stayed at the Hamilton Princess on a previous visit and I figured that would be the best use of the coupon, and I was right. I had a 16 oz. prime rib which was delicious (but I couldn't eat it all and I couldn't take it back to my room and keep it for lunch the next day), which was listed on the menu at $29.

Ship moving to St. George

The next morning the ship left and went back to St. Georges

November 18, 2004

Thursday, the ship motored around to St. George, and we got off and did a little shopping.  Then we got a taxi with 6 other folks ($4 for two) to Ft. St. Catherine (admission $5 without the Heritage Pass). The exhibits in the interior were new to us. When we finished climbing around on the fort, they called the mini-bus for us ($3 each) .. and we had an interesting ride back to town. We ate lunch at Freddie's (I had the souper sandwich for $9.95, and Bob had chicken fingers -total $21.01). We took the bus back towards the BAMZ and stopped at the Railroad Museum (admission free-donation requested).

Railroad Museum

After we got back to St. George, we looked in the newly refurbished (after Hurricane Fabian) Town Hall especially the cedar woodwork (although we didn't see the free Bermuda history show this time), and made it to the Bermuda National Trust Museum at the Globe Hotel. We just had time to see the video tape before they closed.

November 19, 2004

Friday, we walked around St. George and looked at some more historic buildings following somewhat the Fromer's Walking Tour (Bridge House, Buckingham, St. Peters, Tucker House, etc) and did a bit of shopping before going back to the ship. We finished up shopping and then the ship left at noon.

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Front street in Hamilton from the …
Front street in Hamilton from the…
Dollhouse with Bermuda cedar furni…
Dollhouse with Bermuda cedar furn…
Verdmont - customs collectors hou…
Verdmont - customs collector's ho…
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (…
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo …
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (…
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo …
Ship moving to St. George
Ship moving to St. George
Railroad Museum
Railroad Museum
View from the railroad trail
View from the railroad trail
Stocks in St. George
Stocks in St. George
Bike rental shop in St. George
Bike rental shop in St. George
Charger plate at dinner - Princess…
Charger plate at dinner - Princes…
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