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November 3

We could see Bermuda from the window at lunch and then it disappeared around to the other side of the ship. So when we left the dining room, I took the scooter up to deck 5 (the promenade deck) to take photos of the arrival. I got some photos of St. David's lighthouse and Fort St. Catherine.and the pink sand beach next to it. 

The excursion I had booked for this afternoon was a horse and carriage ride of about a hour which took us all around the Dockyard area, including a slow passage along the wall where all the ships painted their logos. I stopped on the way back and took a photo of the (real) watergate.  We got back just about in time for dinner. Bob had three starters - shrimp cocktail, mango pineapple soup (which I had also and which was very good), and clam chowder (and I had that too).

Ft St Catherine
He tried the salmon again and this time was able to eat it all. I had a beef sliders. Then I had the strawberry kiwi pavlova, and a chocolate praline finger which I thought would be like what I had in the afternoon, but this one was soft. And Bob had his usual

When we got back to the room, we had a sting ray towel animal. We could see the end of the afternoon game (NE and Pittsburgh) and then I watched (or listened to) the Sunday night football.

November 4

Today I had booked a private guide through the internet (Lewis Foggo). Lewis took us to several cemeteries, and then we went to Hamilton - Where the policeman was in the Bird Cage. We had lunch at the Lobster Pot in Hamilton.

The sign at the entrance said 2-3 lb lobster whole boiled $79.00 We didn't have lobster. I had complained to Lewis that the fish chowder I had before did not taste like fish, it tasted like beef. But Lewis said that the Bermuda fish chowder was a dark soup so I had the fish chowder $7.00, and it did taste like fish this time. Bob had,the Lobster Bisque $7.50. Then he had a lobster seafood slider $13.75 and I had Peach Melba $7.50.

After that we went through Black Watch Pass out to St. George. I asked Lewis where Durnford House was, and he didn't know, so he called the Historical Society, and she told him. It is a historic house but it is privately owned and not open to the public. We also went to the St. George Military Cemetery.

We just barely made it back for dinner. Service was so slow that we did not have a chance to see the Cirque de Soliel type show in the atrium. We had mixed berry and yogurt frappe, Brie and asparagus quiche, and I had Chocolate Sensation for dessert

November 5

We were to leave Bermuda at 5 and to be back to the ship at 3:30. We were meeting Lewis at 9:30. It was blowing really hard and also raining a bit. We met Lewis (our guide) at 9:30.

Lewis took us to the Moonlight Church (aka Cobb's Hill) which was built by slaves at night (sometimes by moonlight) in 1827. Then we found Calvary Cemetery which had an iron gate that you could walk through, so we took the scooter and passed it through the gate and I got to take some photos too.

Then it was 12:35 and I thought we might stop for lunch but Bob said we had to be back on the ship by 2:30. So we went back to the ship. We got back by two. After we checked in, we had to go to the Windjammer for lunch. Again no one offered to help. We went back to the cabin

With some effort, the ship pulled away from dock about 4 - churning up the water. We took naps and just woke up in time for dinner. I had scallops au gratin and the cold fruit soup, and then the tiger shrimp and sticky bread pudding. Bob had the same soup, and tiger shrimp and then strawberries and ice cream.

November 6 - Sea Day

We went to breakfast early and I tried the eggs Benedict again and they were bitter, but not as much. For lunch I had the corn chowder which was OK and then Turkey Scallopine which was supposed to have asparagus and had spinach instead. I didn't like it. Then I had the Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart and that was good.

It was formal night and we had the peach soup, and then the Royal seafood salad (which had a big king crab claw and then a mishmash of other seafood. The lobster was called Fisherman's plate and had a lobster tail but I told them to leave the garlic shrimp off. As usual the vegetables were some kind of root vegetables. I didn't eat them. We had Baked Alaska for dessert. When we got back to the room, the room steward used Bob's sunglasses on the towel animal.

Most of the time we stayed in the room and Bob watched and I listened to TV. The TV is basically useless - has only CNN international news and weather and nothing from the US, (not even the D.C. temperatures). And some old movies and stuff from RCCI, plus re-runs of Seinfeld, Thirty Rock, The Big Bang Theory and Whose Line is it Anyway.

They had the checkout procedures on the TV but failed to mention what time we have to vacate the cabin, or how they decide when we disembark.

November 7 - Sea Day and Disembarkation

We got our luggage tags (green 5, but only the number matters as all of the tags are green) and the customs form and the form to evaluate the ship after lunch yesterday. They gave us two customs forms but only one evaluation form. Bob wanted his own form and he went up to the desk and they made him sign for it. Green 5 is supposed to debark at 8:10 and wait for the announcement on deck 6. Dining room opens at 6 am. Nothing anywhere said when we had to be out of our room. The customs form was easy to fill out as the only thing we bought in Bermuda was lunch, and the only other money we spent was for the guide.

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Wall of ship logos
Wall of ship logos
Ft St Catherine
Ft St Catherine
photo by: ErikaMont