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We got up just before noon. Hit to Nanjin road. That day was so HOT!!! When we were walking in Nanjin road, some Chinese guys were talking to us and said 'rolex, cheap, louis vitton..' or whatever.. They spoke English, Japanese, and even Korean! ahaha!! They didn't know where we were from. haha!! My friend is Chinese-Canadian and I'm Japanese and we were talking in english so I don't know why they start talking to us in Japanese! hahahaha I guess they knew I was Japanese. HAHA!!

Went to the Bund. We saw a kite a day before from the bar so we wanted to see who was doing it. There he is!! Oh wait! Not only one! There were 2 old men flying kites! So funny!! They made their own kites and looks.. funny. haha!! Micky Mouse(green and ugly), a penguin, a carp, and more.

frog's feet...>< i couldn't eat them!! oh, wait.. not frog!! it was chicken!! but still.. ew!
.. It was fun watching them.

Had lunch on Nanjin road. Wanted to eat some local food but we didn't know how to order so went to kind of expensive lounge type of restaurant. I ordered pork chops and friend ordered frogs.. lol   Both of us had a soup with that meal and the soup came.. a.. what??? I saw some gross foot or something in the bowl.. It was chicken feet lol!!!! i've had fried chicked feet but not in a soup.. that looked gross so i gave it to him.. ew! and.. our meal came.. mine lookes nice and his meal looks just like deep fried chicken but it was frog.. he said tast like chicken. yah.. that's what I heard before but I don't order 'frog'! haha! If someone brought it without noticing what it was then i eat but i'm not that brave to order such things YET!  maybe sometimes ;)

When we were walking on Nanjin road, we bumped into Phil, an English guy from ferry.

  Right before that, we were talking about chinese collage people. They try to help foreigners and give them lots of presents/free tickets for chinese show, etc..  it sounds pretty nice but if I were alone and some weird strange chinese started talking to me and give me presents, I'll feel really freaking out.. I don't know what's their reasons for that though.. Anyway, our friend, Phil, got caught from them! haha!  He was like 'Oh I met these cool chinese people and got dozens of free gifts and I'm on my way to the theater'. WOW!! He was too nice.. Well, he IS a nice guy :)

This day supposed to be sightseeing day but I realized now that I didn't go to many places.. Anyway, we did some shopping and had dinner at chinese restaurants and had noodles and dumplings.

Yum!  But drinks were so WARM.. ew!

Oh we met the same guy we met last night at Nanjin road. He came to us and asked us to see FAKE watches, bags, wallets, and more.. ok.. my friend wanted to check them out.. (shouldn't i say about this? oh well..) so we followed this guy to his shop.. It was befind the real shop. We went through the bags shop and walked a bit more of that weird building and.. there! WOAH!! so tiny but many things were in this tiny place!!!! I could tell most them were fake cuz i've never seen LV with wierd and funny pictures. Watch,, I couldn't tell :P  We didn't ask them the price but I wondered the price... must be cheap! We said 'thank you' and left.. wow!! that was a funny experience!!!

It was pretty interesting near our hostel.

two old men were holding hands. lovely huh?
They had weird market(?). You actually can't see it from outside. It was really bright that area so we bought  some fresh juice and explored what's there. It was just,, wow!! So many tiny shops were there. I'm guessing about 100 lol  Selling everything like bags, acceceries, they even had massage parlor!! It was interesting! After we left, we were walking down to the hostel but went to the other side to see more local things.  Luckily, we found massage places. Wanted to have massage so bad so we went there. It was about.. 10pm but it was full!! Very small local massage place but looked nice. We waited for a few minutes and asked them to do the whole body massage by gestures, of course because they don't know any english!  Started from legs.
me on the bund
Ohhhhhh!!! How lovely!!! Fell asleep for a bit :)  And then moved to the other room for the body massage. It wasn't strong but it was just so nice. It was 2hours and only 100yuan. So cheap!!! But everything was so mess. Hair and face.. It was a great place. I can't go there anymore 'cause I don't remember where it was exactly. But for sure it was behind the hostel.

Busy and hot but great massage made me happy and slept really well that night!!  

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frogs feet...>< i couldnt eat th…
frog's feet...>< i couldn't eat t…
two old men were holding hands. lo…
two old men were holding hands. l…
me on the bund
me on the bund
a kite
a kite
these two were the kite men!
these two were the kite men!
another hero.. whats his name?
another hero.. what's his name?
chinese girl posing for a photo sh…
chinese girl posing for a photo s…
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