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it took 2days to get to shanghai..

Arrived in Shanghai in the evening and took a taxi to the hostel and after a few hours, we hit to the captain's roof bar for our first and the last drink fest. haha!! Some guys I already met in the ferry but other 2 Japanese girls, I met them after we got off from the ferry, and the other 2 boys from England, I just met them in the bar. I didn't see them in the ferry though!? Where were they for the whole 2 dyas!?!?  We got there a bit late, (we kinda lost) and ordered some drinks and pizza cuz we were SO hungry!  Three of us ordered 3 pizza.. 10 minutes later, our pizza came.. but.. wait a minute!? there were 4!! We were like.. what? Who else ordered?? And realized that it was our waitress' mistake so we asked her to take that pizza away, and all the sudden, she got mad at us! She said.

. 'YOU ORDERD 4. NOT MY FAULT. EAT THEM UP'.. okay.. we were like.. WOW, she's pissed! Luckly, one of Japanese girls can speak Chinese(she studied in China for a several years, cool) so she talked to this crazy waitress for about 5minutes..  we were just watching them quietly.. :P  I don't know why we were fighting for the pizza .. we could eat it though. Anyway, the waitress still pissed but she took this pizza away and she never came back to our table! hahaha!!!! My friend told me about how rude the waitresses in China are but she was crazy!!! This crazy waitress was my first and the last experience.. well, it's because I didn't go to restaurants that much.  haha =)

We took a cab back to the hostel. It was about 11pm or so but we went to see around the hostel. We found a guy who was selling magic things and he showed us some of his magic but he wasn't so good. He couldn't finished his magic lol  but he had a nice smile so even if I didn't understand what he said and the magic wasn't really good, I enjoyed his show. haha 

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it took 2days to get to shanghai..
it took 2days to get to shanghai..
we are finally arrived in shanghai…
we are finally arrived in shangha…
nanjin road
nanjin road
1st night at roof bar. 
we met in…
1st night at roof bar. we met i…
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