1964 Ship Follower

 By grandmar

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The Summary

Trip to Europe to meet my husband's ship. He was a pilot and flew S2Fs (antisubmarine planes) off the aircraft carrier Intrepid

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July 14th, 1964Norfolk, Virginia
July 14th, 1964New York, New York
July 15th, 1964Cologne, Germany
July 15th, 1964Frankfurt am Main, Germany
July 16th, 1964Paris, France
July 18th, 1964Madrid, Spain
July 20th, 1964Lisbon, Portugal
July 24th, 1964Madrid, Spain
July 26th, 1964Valencia, Spain
July 30th, 1964Granada, Spain
August 1st, 1964Madrid, Spain
August 2nd, 1964Toledo, Spain
August 3rd, 1964Barcelona, Spain
August 4th, 1964Marseille, France
August 8th, 1964Versailles, France
August 10th, 1964Nuremberg, Germany
August 14th, 1964Naples, Italy