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Auckland airport carrying all my luggage to last 1 year, next stop Buenos Aires

I had learned a lot of lessons from my 10 months travel in 2016 on how to travel more efficiently.  The first thing to do for my travel in 2017 was to buy a new "computer/camera bag" This new bag was quite heavy when full but would strap nicely over my shoulder and sit on my chest leaving my hands free and not having to carry anything. All my electronics, toiletries and documentation could fit nicely into this bag leaving my small "hand luggage size" backpack free for my clothes. At various stages last year I was carrying 4 or 5 pieces of luggage.

I did not require as much space as last year because I was leaving behind my laptop and all the associated accessories, so quite a difference in volume and weight for someone wanting to travel with hand luggage only. I take extra collapsible lightweight bags with me to spread out my luggage when space was not an issue.

Last year I took far too many things that I did not need ... so out with the shampoo and sunscreen (not recommended for everyone). My passport and wallet now had a permanent home in my camera bag which I thought was rather essential. In 2016 my passport could have been in one of several places and I often had a few scares when it was not where I thought it should be. This year I will be more disciplined about returning it and my wallet to the correct pocket in my bag.

The other thing I hope to do this year is to be more disciplined about writing my blog as I travel rather than waiting until I return to NZ. My photo management in Lightroom should be much better as I now have established a workflow and have determined a folder structure (country/year) to suit my travel, so if all goes correct it should be an easy task on my return to NZ to import my iPad and process all my camera and iPad photos.

This year (2017) should be a more typical travel style with 5 months of home exchanges, two months of TB travel, two months in NZ and three months in SE Asia. The two months in NZ will be busy as I will try and process all my photos as well as catching up on any maintenance issues at home, hopefully still leaving some time to go fishing and camping.

It is great that most things can now be done via email rather than needing a physical presence, it sometimes just takes a bit of setting up. My trip to Antarctica and then two months in South America would be a good test of my new traveling style. Once I reached my home exchanges in the USA and Europe I would be able to make any minor adjustments but I deemed it important to restrict my luggage so that I could travel on flights with hand luggage only.

I have now reached my home exchanges in the US and now time to complete and fine tune my blog. The flaw in my hand luggage strategy only appears to be that others see me as being able to carry their excess luggage when I have check in luggage available to me but I am not using. My planning has mainly paid off and made my travel much easier especially getting in and out of airports and to our accommodation.

I have been very reliant on my iPad without any alternative so while in the USA I bought an iPhone ... something I had been avoiding for many years. I had a cheap smart phone that I had bought in Thailand however the AT&T SIM card I bought in the US would not work on this phone. But getting a cheaper iPhone 4 ($US75) now gives me an alternative if I have issues with my iPad which has happened from time to time.  It is important is to have backups and alternative solutions in case something goes wrong.

I have also bought a new Travel Adapter that comes complete with 4 off 2.1 amp USB connections, so now I no longer require a separate USB hub and every outlet has high amperage output and enough to charge iPads. I had to replace my original USB hub as I had left it behind at one of the hostels, and my original Travel Adapter was not functioning correctly. But now one less item for me to worry about as two items get replaced with one. Travel adapters and power supplies seem to be the most common thing left behind when traveling so having a nice small bag where everything has its place helps when packing as there would be an obvious gap if anything was missing.

My external drive for iPad and SD card backups was playing up so I bought a new 2T MyPassport wireless pro, and quickly backed up all the photos. This new model has better functionality than the previous one so even though it was expensive I am happy with the investment. I just hope it lasts longer than the old model ... perhaps it is also relative to how well I look after it ?

gingerbatik says:
wise man:)
Posted on: Jul 27, 2017
Chokk says:
Congrats on your feature :D
Posted on: May 11, 2017
greg1976 says:
Congratulations Brian on your blog being featured!!! And thank you for a blog. I have no writing skills at all so it is good to bring memories back by reading yours :-). Many happy new adventures my friend.
Posted on: May 11, 2017
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Auckland airport carrying all my l…
Auckland airport carrying all my …
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