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sa wat dii kha,

Hope you are all well...going for the group e-mail one more time...don't know who got it the last time...

This has been a, long, amazing, hard at times, exhilarating at others journey...As some of you know i have been traveling  alone for a few weeks. Its easier with just me. I can do and go where I want. I needed this journey to be about me...MY JOURNEY!!!

After Ko Tao--i went to Cambodia...What can i say...it really touched my heart. The people of Cambodia have a twinkle in their eyes, that i have never seen before. Despite the extreme poverty and landmine disabilities, they are always happy and smiling. I gave a woman who had only half limbs, or no limbs $5 ( one Starbucks coffee) she cried and kissed my hands and blessed me. I cried from my heart and eyes.  It makes me wonder...If people have less, are they happier??
Angkor Wat was amazing. After 3 days of walking through tourist infested temples in 100 degrees, i was over it.  The heat in Siam Reap was absolutely stifling. After my history fix, i was ready to get my beach back on.

I headed to back to Thailand and down to the southwestern side, to Phi Phi island. They were the worst hit by Tsunami. You can still see the damage it left behind. Debris that still needs to be sorted, with nowhere for it to go...not enough money. The worst after affects and reminder of what a natural disaster can do, are the stories. The stories of loved ones being swept away.(The Thai people are afraid of the water---they believe a bad spirit lives in it---Shit, now i am sure, they feel they were right) I stayed on the top of a dive shop.(with the shared bathroom downstairs roughen it!!!) The owner was an Austian guy, that married a Thai woman. They had 3 beautiful kids. Him and his daughters were swept away by Tsunami. Their photo hangs on the wall in frame. All his wife and son have left. Story after story---it made me realize just how precious life is. Cherish every second...for it might be your last.

I then took a ferry to Rai lay Beach off of Krabi.  As the ferry pulls up all I see are these amazing huge limestone cliffs. Its a long beach broke up by cliffs that jut out. Blue, green and turquoise(my favorite) shimmering clear water. Ferry pulls up, we boat jump onto a long tail boat to get to shore.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I think, i have stumbled upon what to me is paradise. I knew at that moment, i would never want to leave...

I got a great bungalow complete with a mosquito net. After a few days, i am completely immersed in their culture and they way of the people. It's the perfect beach town. The vibe is chill and relaxed. Those cliffs--those amazing--cliffs. They glisten day and night, by the sun or the moon and stars... At night a blanket of stars in the sky. I went late night swimming with Phosphorescence. It is like sparklers on th 4th of July. I spent hours playing with the water. The water was like silk over your body. I spent my days hiking to waterfalls and lagoons.  Then...I met this guy from Norway, and he taught me how to rock climb. Krabi is known worldwide, as a rock climbers paradise and now mine.  I scurried right up my first cliff. What a high!! looking down to see how high up u are, all the while knowing that your arms and legs got you there. Oh, and repelling down...exhilarating. I was told i was very good, no one could believe that i had never done it before. I am completely
addicted to it. I did it everyday after that...finding a climbing wall when i get home...
I also took Tango lessons every evening---no not in Argentina in Thailand of course...go figure i learned here.

By far Krabi is one of my favorite places on the planet. Completely and utterly in love with it.

I will be heading up to the North to Chang Mai. then its off to Vietnam. I now have a new journey on my journey...to seek out cliffs where ever i go , so i can climb my heart out.

U  might not recognize me when i return , for i am black...Ha HA

laa kawn,



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