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Hello all,

I hope this e-mail finds u well!

I am having a blast thus far. I arrived in Bangkok last week after a long ass flight via Tokyo. All that flying was worth it. Once i arrived i spent 1 night in Bangkok. I then took a flight to Koh Samui(island) I spent 4 days there. I had a very busy schedule of laying out, shopping and eating. On Friday we borded a ferry to Koh Phanghan(another island) w/ amazing never ending white sand beaches. Lots of travellers making there way there from all over Asia for the infamous full moon party. WOW!! what a trip that was....5 t0 10,000 people from all over the world dancing and partying on the beach together. It is awesome how people of all races come together thru music. They were serving alcohol out of these small buckets, that u paid between 150-550 baht depending on ur poisen. I saw it all....people tripping out, having sex on the beach, passed out on the beach and getting robbed(even their shoes) We danced untill the sun came up, then we danced some more.....

How i became a statistic.... In the travel books it talks about scooter(mo-ped) accidents, on Koh Phanghan. People rent them for about $6 a day. Of course i had to get in on that. Of course i said i wont crash. Well needless to say i was wrong. We were on our way to Amsterdam Bar(where the menu was not just alcohol.) It was up on a cliff w/ the most amazing view...perfect 4 sunset. I was riding w/ Jen on the back. We went around a turn, i lost control and BOOM we crashed. Jen had some bruises. I tore up my left shoulder and bicep and bruised everywhere else....AWESOME!!! We are both ok!! They make there money on people crashing. I estimated my damage  to be around 10,000 baht($300) I went and w/drew $ and went to return the bike. he was to busy staring at me, that he did not notice the damage. He hands me back my passport and i scurry off....LOVE BEING A GIRL!!!

I am now in Koh Tao. I left w/ some travellors i meet in Samui. We came here to do some scuba diving and mountain trekking and ass needs to move.

I have met so many interesting travelers from all over the world. Most are traveling thru SE Asia for months like my self. It is great to meet people and talk about where they have been, or are going. everyone passes along tips to each other on where to go and what to do. I love travelers, because true travelers have such open minds to culture and history, i fit right in.

Everything is sooo cheap. All though u find ur self haggling over 100 Bhat ($3) You can eat an entire meal for 120-200 Baht. It is awesome. Amazing beach bungalows right on the beach for about $15 a night per person. Out of this whole trip Thailand is the most expensive. Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam are even cheaper.

On Friday i will island jump back to Samui to meet back up w/my friends. We will spend 3 more days there for some more beach bumming. We then fly back to Bangkok, then off to Cambodia. We are going to the ancient temples of Anchor Wat. I can't wait to see this. It will take about 2-3 days to see most of it.( this is where they filmed tomb raider--go Angelina) We are planning on doing a trek through the jungle up in Chang Mai, with some elephant riding.  

All in all, this trip is amazing thus far and will only keep getting better. What an amazing journey i am on. I will try and keep up w/ this group e-mail business, but?? u know........

Well i am off to tan my ass...

Oh! yeah... the sunsets are priceless here.

Be well and try to stay warm,




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