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Taking advantage of Emirate’s policy, easing stopovers in Dubai, we stopped there twice in our trip to China, first staying for a night in Deira, and, in the return flight, spending two nights in Jumeirah beach.

The great sensation that I had in Dubai was that men dazzled with their power to challenge nature, and decided to prove that they can reach the impossible. 
Without canons but with cranes the combat is violent - a desert of sand is being replaced by a collection of admirable miracles. 
Is this the twilight of a dream? At what price? What will be the revenge of Nature? Who cares? Who makes the necessary questions:
Will Dubai return to earth after a few years of megalomania and unrealistic projects?
Will the heavy investments have the dreamed payback in the new economy, still impossible to define?
With the rush slowing down, what will it last?
Dubai forced us to think!

There’s an inevitable comparison with Las Vegas – lots of money chasing money in the desert, in a competition where the winner is the one who builds the biggest, the richest, the prettiest, the craziest superlative. However, a few differences also exist:

In Las Vegas gambling is inside the hotels – In Dubai hotels and malls are generally apart.

Las Vegas displays the American Typical look – in Dubai, typical look is restricted to a quarter, as an island in town.

Dubai has beach.

We went there when it is not advisable to go, in peak summer, facing temperatures over the 50º Celsius, and that limited our possibility to wander around. The visits were made hopping from air-conditioned to air-conditioned, using the all-time jammed large avenues, but I think that we covered the essential of the city – the souks, the creek, the traditional quarter with the museum, Jumeirah mosque and beach, and, of course, the most outstanding malls.

AvelinoL says:
I don't use to carry much money, paying with CC, and using it in the airport to withdraw some local currency for the small expenses. I did it there, but I think that USD was generally accepted.
Posted on: Mar 22, 2017
Jo104 says:
when you travel by taxi in Dubai do they prefer USD currency or AED?
Posted on: Mar 22, 2017
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