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Being the middle series of my adjacent blogs, there was actually no break between - actually traveling from one to one continuously. For the next few weeks I traveled through the highest areas of Bolivia, traveled the coast of Chile to Santiago, ventured over to Easter Island and stopped in Panama on my way to my grandmothers 105h birthday.

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May 3rd, 2016La Paz, Bolivia
May 5th, 2016Copacabana, Bolivia
May 8th, 2016Cochabamba, Bolivia
May 9th, 2016Torotoro, Bolivia
May 11th, 2016Santa Cruz, Bolivia
May 12th, 2016Parque Nacional Amboro, Bolivia
May 15th, 2016Samiapata, Bolivia
May 17th, 2016Sucre, Bolivia
May 18th, 2016Potosi, Bolivia
May 19th, 2016Uyuni, Bolivia
May 21st, 2016San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
May 24th, 2016La Serena, Chile
May 25th, 2016Coquimbo, Chile
May 26th, 2016Elqui Valley, Chile
May 27th, 2016Santiago, Chile
May 30th, 2016Hanga Roa, Chile
June 4th, 2016Panama City, Panama
June 7th, 2016Portobelo, Panama