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Make way for the largest minivan you have ever seen, because Lara
Vicky and I have taken on the role of soccer mom to 170 orphans.

The secondary boys had a football tournament this weekend, so we
decided to head out and show our support.  I am not sure the Kenyans
have completely embraced the concept of the soccer mom yet.  We may
have been the only women at the game, but this is not the reason we
stood out.  We were also the only people screaming out heads off.  The
boys had some pretty cute embarrassed looks on their faces when we
asked them if they could hear us.  LOL

The game was great.  It was tied 0-0 at halftime.  In the second half
the other team scored off a penalty kick, and then unfortunately came
right back to score again.  We came back hard though and scored.  A
few minutes later we received a penalty kick, and we were told that
the kicker was really good at them.  He set up took the kick and it
arced right over the goalie's head, and flew just over the crossbar.
The final score was 2-1.  The good news is there will be a rematch on
the 19th on our home field, the bad news is I will be gone by then.

On the way home we kicked the ball around and showed off our soccer
skills.  I was most proud of myself for making it all the way home
without ever missing a pass or tripping on my floor length skirt.
Julius even said he could tell that I really knew how to play
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