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Last Thursday we had the wonderful opportunity to have some of the older girls from Tumaini come to our house to give us some cooking lessons.  We set out for Baraka around 3:30.  What we did not realize is that this was the time the primary school let out.  As we began to walk down the street we could feel the presence of someone behind us.  Each time we looked back the crowd had grown.  Pretty soon there were nearly 100 children following us through the streets.  We found this to be pretty entertaining and an excellent opportunity to practice our Swahili.  The conversation went something like this.  Me: Hibari? (Literally news, but more like what's the news)  Children:  looks of shock, followed by giggles, then Missouri (fine).  Then they push another child in front  and hide behind them.  The group continues growing the further we walk.  Suddenly Lucy, one of our cooking teachers, realizes that not all these children are walking toward their homes, instead they are all walking toward our home.  She shouts in kikuyu for everyone toward their home right now.  The crowd immediately breaks up and we are left with about 5 children who actually live near us.  LOL

We make it home and present the girls with the items they asked us to purchase for the cooking lesson.  Upon spying the liter of vegetable oil they ask us where the rest is.  We tell them that is all, and they say it isn't really going to be enough for the one meal we are planning to make.  They tell us we are planning to cook for 12 people, we should have gotten enough oil for 12 people.  We explain to them that in America no matter how many people we are cooking for a liter of oil would be more than enough.  The girls say it is alright , we will not cook one of the dishes, and we will use less oil in a few of the others to make it work.  Another thing about this oil is that it is not like the vegetable oil at home, a significant portion of this oil is solid and must be put in warm water to return to liquid, (Yup a liter of oil, and I am going to estimate 1/3 liter of saturated fat).  In addition to the oil we used 2 bags of flour.  We learned to make a vegetable stew, rice, and chapatti, as well as cabbage salad.  The food was delicious, and we all decided to avoid Kenyan food as much as possible for the remainder of the trip. :)

Let me know if you want me to cook you some Kenyan food when we return home. ;)
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