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For the last few days we have been working with the ladies in the kitchen.  They find our cooking skills laughable, but I think we entertain them a lot.  Kenyans have a crazy skillful way of cutting vegetables.  If I come home with all my fingers you will know I have learned.  Eunice, the manager of the orphanage says if I cut my finger off she will offer me one of hers, so also watch out for me returning with one dark finger.  Our main goal is to learn to make chipati (a flat bread a little like naan), because it is so good I would never eat anything else if I learned to cook it. 

Yesterday we took a trip to the equator.  We did a water experiment above below and on the equator (turns out water really does spin the other way in the southern hemsphere), and then went to a weaving project in a nearby town.  It was really interesting to see all the projects te women had made, and to learn about the dyes they used for the yarn and such.  The project supported a nursery school. 

I got to go on a tour of the secondary school a few days ago.  It was very interesting to see.  I sat in on a business class, but I think I was more of a disruption than anything else.

Tomorrow we will go on safari in the masai mari.  That will last for four days.  We are suppsed to see tons of animals there.  I will take a lot of pictures.  I am struggling with a better way to get pictures to all of you besides posting them all when I get home.  The internet at the orphanage is a)slow, and b)expensive.  I am in an internet cafe right now, but that isn't so conducive to posting pictures.

27 visitors from Minnesota came to visit yesterday.  They are on a tour group for their church.  We prepared them lunch, and then got to hear abtou all they have been doing.  They have a pretty intense schedule, which is very different from me.  I am glad that I get to stay in one place for a long time.  I have just begun to get to know some of the children.  Mostly I know the outgoing children, the shy ones tend to hang back, but I hope before I leave I will get to know them all.

I must be off so I can get my things done in time to meet "Sho-Sho" (grandmother), because I do not want to keep her waiting.
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